5 Things Your Website is Missing

You have a stunning business website. Yet, it’s not delivering the results you hoped for. The analytics reports show that your website receives fairly good traffic. But conversions are pretty low.

You are not sure what’s wrong. However, you are not alone. Our website design Manchester team has seen many websites that struggle with conversions. This happens when your website is missing some crucial elements.

We have redesigned many such websites and have delivered highly effective results for our clients. They now see not only high traffic but high conversions too. Let’s take a look at 5 things your website might be missing.

Mobile Responsive Design

There was a time when almost all traffic came from desktops or laptops. However, things have changed dramatically. As a website design Manchester agency with years of experience, we have personally been witness to this shift.

Today, people access the Internet on a variety of devices including their smartphones, tablets and desktops. However, a recent report suggests that the number of visitors from mobile is more than visits from desktops.

With that in mind, it is essential to ensure your website’s user experience consistent across all devices.

A mobile responsive website adapts itself to the device it is accessed on and presents the information without affecting the user experience.

If your website is not mobile friendly, you are alienating some, if not all of your target audience. Look up your website’s analytics to determine the traffic from mobiles. Even if 7% of your traffic comes from mobile, it’s time to go responsive. Be sure to hire a reliable website design Manchester agency.

Fresh Content

It is crucial to keep your website up to date. Whether it is your contact information, product description, pricing or any other information that your visitors might find useful, make sure your content is fresh, updated and current.

Search engines love fresh content. They like websites that have fresh, updated content, and consider this as one of the aspects when ranking websites.

What do we mean by content? It could be:

  • Text
  • Video
  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Headers
  • Banners
  • Presentations
  • Ebooks

Your website is updated. What now? You can’t update your address or pricing every week, can you?

Consider having a blog/news section on your website. This affords you a great opportunity to keep your website fresh at all times. Choose a frequency (once a week, once a day and so on) and stick to it. You can share information about your company, industry news, new product launches, tips, useful information for your audience, offers and more.

Social Integration

Almost everyone we know is social in one way or another.

It is important to leverage the power and reach of social media to your advantage.

Social sharing is a great way to keep up with the times and give your readers a wonderful opportunity to share the content they like on your website. Sharing buttons are a quick and easy way to help your content go viral. What’s more, it says that you are keeping with the times.

If your website does not feature social sharing buttons or does not display your social media profiles, it’s time to change this. Contact our website design Manchester agency for help.

Call to Action (CTA) Buttons

Your stunning website won’t deliver results if you are not guiding your visitors through the sales funnel.

Your visitors land on your homepage. They are impressed by what they see the very moment they land. They are curious. They want to find out more. And they find the information they’re looking for. They’re asking themselves, “I am interested in doing business with this company. What’s next? How do I proceed further?”

If you are not telling your visitors what action to take after you’ve impressed them, you have just lost a huge opportunity. It is essential to have clear, crisp and short calls to action to convert your visitors.


Your visitors have landed on your website by clicking on an ad. They are curious. They’d like to know more about your business. Because they’ve never heard about you, the very first thing they’ll do is to look for signs that help create trust and add credibility.

Testimonials are a great way to do that.

If your website does not have a testimonials page/section, you are leaving a lot to chance.

If you do not earn their trust, they are not going to linger on your website for long. Give them some proof that your products/services have worked for others like them, and they are more likely to trust you.

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