What is Responsive Design and Why Does My Site Need It?

As a web design Manchester agency, we are committed to helping small and medium businesses in making the most of their online presence. We constantly come across a lot of small business websites that offer poor user experience and are outdated. We want to reach them all out, but it’s of no use if the business owners didn’t know what we’re talking about.

The statistics for mobile Internet usage say it all. In fact, a lot more websites are looked up on smartphones and tablets than on PCs and laptops. According to Statcounter, a research firm that keeps track of Internet use across 2.5m websites, reports that 51.3% of pages were looked up on mobile devices as of October 2016.

Whether it is online shopping, online banking, chatting, emailing or searching for web design Manchester agency on Google, more and more people are relying on their smartphones and other mobile devices rather than on desktops for all their Internet activity.

What does this mean for your business?

This means that you must ensure your website offers a user friendly experience on mobile devices. If your website was designed even 2 years ago, chances are that it’s not mobile friendly. It’s time to hire a professional web design Manchester agency to create a mobile friendly website.

But Wait, What is Responsive Design?

A responsive design ensures that your website provides a user friendly experience on all kinds of devices. It detects the visitor’s screen size and automatically resizes the layout, images and text to fit the device.

This means that your website’s text will be as easily readable on a mobile phone as it will be on a desktop monitor. The navigation will be large so that visitors can navigate around the website easily and without any hassle.

But why do you need a responsive website? How does it help your business? Here’s how.

Mobile Users are on the Rise

As mentioned above, a lot more visitors these days use mobile phones than desktops. And you simply can’t ignore this statistic anymore. By having a mobile friendly website, you are reaching out to a demographic that you’ve ignored thus far.

Visit Google Analytics and take a look at the data for mobile visits for your website.

Even if 10% of your visitors are from mobile, it means that you are missing out on prospects who may have otherwise converted and become your customers.

Provide a Good Experience to Your Visitors

Look up your website on your mobile phone. Do you have to squint your eyes to read the text? Do you have to zoom-pinch the screen to read the text on your website? Is that a happy experience?

Would you go through all the hassle to find out about the company and their products, or would you rather go back to the search results page and find a website that offers a better experience?

You’d rather not, right?

Now think about the hassle your mobile visitors are going through. They’re interested in doing business with you but your outdated and unresponsive website are giving them a tough time. They choose to do business with your competitors instead.

Reach all those mobile visitors by caring for them with a mobile friendly design. If you are thinking that a mobile responsive design will create a huge dent in your marketing budget, don’t sweat. We are a web design Manchester agency that offers high quality, CMS websites at really affordable prices. You can now get a mobile friendly website at really down to earth prices. Talk to us today for more information.

Google Loves Responsive Websites

If you are still not convinced, perhaps Google can. If your website is not mobile responsive, Google will not give preference to your site when ranking it on the search engine results page. Google now gives preference to mobile friendly websites when ranking them in the results.

This is in view of providing the best experience to its users.

So, a mobile responsive website is good for SEO too. And if you don’t invest in a responsive design, it’s possible that soon you may lose all your rankings. And if you are already struggling to rank, the job just got a lot more difficult.

It won’t matter that your website is stunningly gorgeous and is highly relevant to the users’ target keywords. If it is not mobile friendly, your website is at the risk of losing its rankings.

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