6 Ways your Outdated Website is Costing Your Business

When did you create or last updated your company website? If you were not directly involved in it, you may not even know or remember when that was. As long as you want to build a reputable online presence, that may be the most important thing for you.  Did you know that if your website is outdated, it can cost you money? Find out how below from these reminds from Warrington Website Design.  

How your outdated website costs you:

Turns away customers

Like it or not, the old cliché about first impressions holds true for websites, too. If your site looks old and not updated, it can drive potential customers away.

Remember, people will make their purchasing decision based on your website. If your website does not meet their expectations, they will take their money elsewhere.

Lessens your credibility

So you have the best products or services in your field. But if your website contains errors and if information that is not current, the person browsing your site will think otherwise and go elsewhere.    

Boosts your competitors’ image

If your website leaves much to be desired, the potential customer will go right to a competitor with a website that fulfills more of their needs. It doesn’t matter if, in reality, you are the better company with the better product. Your poor website will make your competitors look much better.

Frustrates your staff

If your contact information is not updated, people will not be able to patronize your services and your staff will have to keep on explaining the new information over and over again. If there is employee information on your website, and it is not updated, your current staff may suffer from low morale because you do not consider it important enough to put them on the website.  All this could be avoided with just a simple update. 

Decreases your Google ranking

Google is always looking to make searches better for its users so that they will be able to deliver the highest quality results. It is important that your website is mobile-friendly because a significant amount of users are using smartphones. Fresh content is also important to boost your rankings. If you haven’t updated your website in a long time, chances are, you fail these two criteria. And these criteria are only two of more than 200 other factors that Google uses to rank websites.

People think you’ve closed up shop

If the last update on your website was two years ago, people will think that’s when your company last served customers.

Do you see your website in the above scenarios? Then it is high time to make a change. Contact Blue Whale Media now to make sure your website is working for you, not against you.   

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