8 Reasons to Choose a WordPress Website

WordPress began its journey in 2003, and is today the most popular CMS platform out there. It powers more than 25% of all the websites floating online. What began as blogging software has turned out to become the most trusted website publishing tool.

Whether you already have a few websites or are looking to create the very first website for your business, WordPress offers numerous benefits. Here are the top 10 reasons.

Open Source

This simply means that it doesn’t cost you a penny to use WordPress. It’s free to download and use the way you want. You only have to pay your web design Warrington agency for developing your customised WordPress website.

Numerous Functions

WordPress offers numerous functions by way of its hundreds of thousands of plugins. Plugins are nothing but extensions that provide additional functionality.

There’s a huge community of developers who keep creating plugins for the platform. No matter what function you are looking for, there’s already a plugin for it; you name it, and WordPress has it.

Publishing Content is Easy

That’s right. Even if you are a non-technical person, you can easily learn to use WordPress and edit the content on your website as well as publish new content. In the 90s, you needed the help of an expert to even update or edit a website.

Not anymore. You can add new content, change the content or even remove the content you do not want.

High on Security

WordPress may seem vulnerable to hackers thanks to its open source status. However, the truth is that WordPress has a huge security team that’s constantly working to make the platform secure. As a result, your WordPress website is much less prone to attacks from hackers than on any proprietary CMS.

Great for SEO

SEO is an essential aspect to consider when looking for a CMS system. WordPress comes ready for SEO thanks to its huge variety of options. Google and all other search engines simply love WordPress for its structured architecture and responsive design.

The code is clean as well as simple making it easy for search engine spiders to crawl your website. You can choose meta tags for each blog post and page.

Universal Platform

WordPress is not a proprietary platform. So even if you change your web design Warrington agency, you can keep using the platform without having to worry about anything.

Highly Flexible

WordPress is a complete content management system. You can do anything you like with WordPress. The vast array of themes and plugins are just a couple of examples.

You can pick the features you want to create a website that exactly meets your requirements. That’s how flexible WordPress is.

Support for Multiple Media

The kind of content you can include in a WordPress website is not limited to text alone. You can include video, audio and any other kind of media as WordPress offers built in support for a variety of file types. It supports Twitter, Youtube and any other site that allows content embedding.

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