A Guide to Designing Your Site Search

People now heavily rely on search to acquire the necessary information they need across all industries. Thus, every website must design their site search algorithm with user experience in mind. If you’re working with their right Web design company Warrington, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you want to know the basic principles in terms of user-friendly site search, here are some basic tips to design your site search the effective way:

Put the search option where people expect it

Your search box will be of no use if you put it somewhere people can hardly find. Thus, you need to place it in sections that people are familiar with. Generally, people tend to look for the search box in the top right corner of a page. Don’t defy the usual by placing it right at the footnote.

Pair a magnifying glass icon and a textual prompt

The magnifying glass icon is a universal symbol for search, so you should not miss using it. On top of that, you can pair it with a textual prompt that describes what users can find on your site. A lot of Web design company Warrington do place hints as their textual prompt.

Pick an adequate size for the input box

Your search box should be large enough to cover the usual query people input. It’s not convenient to type what you can no longer see. However, if you don’t have enough space, your Web design company Warrington can set up an interaction which expands the box as the visitors click into it.

Trigger search on click and enter

Although most users now just hit enter to generate their query, you also have to keep the novice users in mind. It wouldn’t hurt to place a submit button as well for everybody’s convenience.

Put search front and centre on mobile

Most people now browse using their mobile devices. It would be tedious for users to pass through your hidden menu and waste time navigating their way. It is best to just display your search feature in the most prominent way—at the front and centre on mobile views.

Include a search bar on your results page

People usually keep on searching till they find the exact result they’re looking for. Thus, a search bar should always be on every results page—in case the user decides to look for something else or the existing results don’t satisfy them. It will be troublesome to have users hit the back button just to re-enter another query.

Hiring the right web design company

You probably have a website designer working for you. When hiring a web design freelancer or web design company Warrington, do ask for their portfolio and check whether their previous works have user-friendly search options and other web design elements. You wouldn’t want your investment to go to waste, so you should make it a point to assess your prospective designers well to ensure the best results.

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