A Look Into The World Cup Graphics

Were you gripped by England’s performance in the 2018 World Cup? If you support the team, we’re guessing, like we were at web design company Warrington, you were pleased that they reached the semi-final. And they seemed to have a real chance of taking England to the first World Cup final since 1966. Sadly, they lost and the nation felt the familiar feeling of disappointment.

But overall it was an enjoyable tournament – and part of its pleasure came from seeing how it was presented with impressive graphics. In essence, these graphics played a crucial role in reflecting the excitement and anticipation of the event.

So, in this blog from our SEO company Warrington, we’ll look at how the opening title sequence from FIFA was made and how it was adapted for 240 countries, with each country having its own version featuring their own prominent players.

Who Made The FIFA Titles?

FIFA commissioned the London-based film, TV and digital production company Noah Media Group to make the opening title sequence for the games. The company also made separate titles for ITV Sport’s World Cup coverage and was contracted by BBC Sport to make titles for the 2018 to 2019 football season.

At our web design company Warrington, we have noticed that the Noah Media Group were also the brains behind the matches’ on-screen graphics. This included the graphics for the scores, the substitutions and the team line-ups.

What Did The Title Sequence Look Like?

Here’s a reminder from SEO company Warrington of what was featured in the title sequence.

It was an animation with imagery that paid tribute to the host country, Russia, alongside music written by the famous film score composer Hans Zimmer.

It took inspiration from this year’s logo, which looked like a trophy filled with stars and featured red, gold and black in its design. And it had the following elements…

  • An animated football pitch, which sees a player kick a “magic” ball into the air
  • The ball flies over the water towards a pyramid, which resembled a diamond and featured images of famous footballers
  • As we travel towards the pyramid we see iconic Russian achievements and landmarks, such as the Sputnik satellite and Saint Basil’s Cathedral
  • It ends with the image of a diamond-encrusted ball, looking like a Fabergé egg, which opens up to reveal the famous Jules Rimet Trophy

Where Was It Shown?

At our web design company Warrington, we think it’s worth pointing out that this title sequence was used worldwide. But Noah Media Group also had to alter it slightly for many countries, to include imagery of players relevant to a variety of audiences. So in effect, the company ended up creating 240 bespoke animations.

The on-screen graphics for the games themselves also complemented the opening title sequence and followed the same style in terms of colours and patterns.

Both these elements worked well together, but at SEO company Warrington we think the opening titles, in particular, were a suitably cinematic beginning to each match, with uplifting music and dazzling imagery perfectly setting the tone.

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