WooCommerce & Amazon

Today, many businesses and corporates have shifted from traditional methods of operation to the web design Warrington online transactional platform. It is no longer about customers searching for where to find sellers but rather about more and more sellers reaching out to customers wherever they are. Online shopping, multi-channel selling and multi-channel advertising have become the order of the day. Among the numerous web design Warrington online business channels available, Amazon is the best.

There are several reasons why you should consider selling on Amazon whether you already own an online store or you are just beginning.

Prospective Customers Use Amazon to Search for Products

It has been discovered that a greater number of prospective customers search for products to buy from Amazon as compared to other search engines. Statistics show that in 2018, 50% of all e-commerce sales took place on Amazon. This reason alone should be enough to convince you to launch all your products on Amazon web design Warrington online store.

Amazon Reviews Are Used As Social Proof

It is quite easy to purchase a product from a retail store because other buyers recommended that you do so. It is also easy to examine the physical condition of a product in a retail store before you buy it. In a retail store, you can consult the customer care desk for details about warranties and any product that does not work is returnable.

However, the case is different when you choose to shop online since you can only view the products on the web design Warrington online shopping store website. The only time you come into contact with the product is when it lands at your doorstep. This is a quite risky business so you need all the assurance and confidence you can get from people who have walked that path before and succeeded. This is where customer reviews come in handy.

A total of eight out of ten customers confirm that they read online reviews before purchasing a product. Amazon product reviews rank highly when it comes to trustworthiness and reliability, a fact that 50% of customers have confirmed. Amazon third-party online reviews give it the much-needed credibility and editorial integrity on most review sites.

New Products Do Well In New Spaces

Amazon is a trusted online shopping site that many buyers choose because they are sure that it keeps bad sellers and scams out of the way. New products that are launched for sale on Amazon do well as compared to other less known shopping sites. Amazon has a very good reputation and its customers do not worry about incidences such as credit card fraud and conmanship.

High Conversion Rates

Amazon owns a PPC advertising platform known as Amazon Sponsored Products, which has been reported to post high conversion rates. Customer intent on Amazon is high since they visit this web design Warrington shopping site with an intention to only buy.

Direct Connection to Your Store

Amazons Codisto and eBay enable customers to connect directly to various online stores. This makes it easy to list goods in bulk, create catalogues, receive orders from eBay and Amazon and set prices to different products in tandem with the inventory that is available.

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