Parrot releases useful new photo modes for its Anafi drone

A few months ago, Parrot released to the market Anafi drones. The Parrot is a reputable company in the drone industry, and it’s popular for producing high-performance drones with amazing features. Following the release of Anafi drones, the company has made a significant milestone by producing a software update designed to improve the functionality of its camera.

Parrot is further expected to release Anafi Extended package which comprises of the drone itself, a case and a pair of batteries. The new packaging is expected to get the market ahead of the festive season with the goal of attracting more customers. With such drones available in the market, Warrington web design is one of the businesses that can benefit in various ways including marketing.

HDR+ feature

According to experts at Warrington web design, the HDR+ feature offers higher dynamic range when capturing videos and photos using the drone. This is one of the most significant features of these drones that make them useful, and a must have for various businesses.

Dolly Zoom

Dolly zoom is a unique feature used when the camera’s focus is on a particular object such as a car or a building. It offers a better focus on the target object; the drone can capture clear images on images that are quite a distance from the photographer. Warrington web design can create beautiful photos for captivating sites using the dolly zoom feature in the drone.

Panorama picture mode

The panorama picture mode comes with an array of options from which users can select from. One of the most exciting options is the panorama sphere which can rotate the drone through an angle of 360 degrees. While turning the drone through this wide angle, the camera rotates through the scene at 180 degrees angle. Other options are horizontal panorama and vertical panorama. Warrington web design will find such images extremely useful in their work and the more reason they should use this drone.


The hyperlapse feature enables camera user’s playback and video record at various speeds ranging from 15 xs to 240 xs. It is worth noting that before the update, the camera could record videos and playback at a rate of up to 120 xs.

Slow Motion

The camera on the drone can capture 720 pixels images on a slow motion at 120fps. A resolution of 720 pixels guarantees users well defined and quality pictures on slow motion.

The features mentioned above are quite exciting and more reasons why more buyers are expected to go for this product as the festive season approaches. It is an excellent device for anyone looking forward to quickly creating beautiful memories.

Also, more buyers including Warrington web designs are expected to take advantage of the Anafi Parrot extended package which comes with several accessories. The extended package which comes with a pair of spare batteries, a case and the drone itself sells at $799.99 which is by far cheaper than buying the individual item separately.

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