The Benefits Of A WordPress Website

More businesses today are choosing WordPress over any other content management platform, so don’t you think it’s about time you started looking in to this platform for your business website? WordPress is a customisable, robust, and highly secure solution for those who want to build modern webpages with responsive design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind. Choosing WordPress will allow you to leverage off of the benefits of this versatile platform while promoting your business with a beautiful and marketable online presence.

Endless Customisation

One of the most important features is the ease and sheer scope of customisation available for your professional website. You don’t have to be a specialist in languages like HTML when using WordPress because the platform natively supports themes for your pages. There are a number of free themes, as well as premium paid themes available at affordable prices. With WordPress it’s simple to build a page with complex elements like page forms, gallery windows, and even multimedia features.

Designed For Today’s Internet

Search Engine Optimisation is hugely important for businesses who want to increase their search visibility while marketing their brand and products. WordPress is an SEO friendly platform. Customisation within WordPress is not just limited to themes, and there are a variety of plugins aimed at SEO that can help website owners to build relevant Meta information, check content for SEO effectiveness, or even to create relevant permalinks and page titles that will help increase search visibility. SEO helps behind the scenes, but it’s the responsiveness and efficiency of your web page design that will determine if your visitors choose to stay on your page and ultimately do business with you. Responsive WordPress themes will ensure that your page visitors will receive an optimised experience no matter what device they view your page from. Almost every modern WordPress theme is built with responsiveness in mind, automatically scaling your content for accessibility on screens of all sizes

Security To Protect Your Business

Because it’s an all on one content management platform, your content, media, and intellectual property remains safe on your WordPress site. Administrator access can be completely locked down, and there are even options to incorporate IP based login restrictions, or lock-down after an unauthorised login attempt. Your WordPress page can even be backed up on a remote server, on a local computer, or even on a USB flash drive. You won’t need to worry about losing your data or compromising sensitive information, and the level of security is scalable depending on your needs.

Choose The Platform Managed By Professionals, For Professionals

Customisation, efficient page design, advanced on page features and best in class security make WordPress the smart choice for modern businesses. If you’re planning to develop a new WordPress site, it’s important to have professionals who can help you to get the most from the platform. Blue Whale Media is a company who can do exactly that. Our team of designers and content specialists will help you to develop the best page and online strategy to meet your needs and business goals. Talk to us today to find out why WordPress is the platform of choice for businesses like yours around the world. Contact us today on 01925 552050 or use the contact form below!

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