Bespoke Web Design Vs Template Websites

You realise the importance of having an online presence for your business. You have decided to get a new website done. You have two options to get started. You could buy a ready to use template and put your website together, or hire a web design Warrington service to create a bespoke website. So how do you decide which option is best for you?

What Is A Template Website? The Web Design Warrington Team Give You The Answer

A template website is a pre-built website anyone can purchase. You can make simple tweaks such as change the colour palette, and add your logo, content and images. You can ask your web design Warrington professional to update content on the template or use it on the CMS system it’s built for.

The prime benefit with this option is that a template comes cheap as it’s already built and sold to multiple buyers. However, the disadvantages outweigh the benefits.

The number one problem with template websites is that they are not highly flexible and the features are limited.

Second, they cannot be customised. This makes it a bit difficult to maintain brand consistency.

Another issue is that most template websites are built on outdated and below par code. This could negatively affect your website’s search engine rankings. An outdated coding also means that your website might not be compatible to all browsers and may not be responsive.

If you ask us, we wouldn’t recommend this option at all. We highly recommend you hire a professional web design Warrington team to create a bespoke website for you. Here’s why.

Benefits Of Bespoke Website Design

A bespoke website is built by professional web design Warrington experts specifically to suit the requirements of your business. Your web design Warrington team will sit with you to understand your business, your needs, your expectations and your target audience to create a custom website for you.

You will have complete control over the way your website shapes up from design to form and function. Your bespoke website will be built on the latest CSS and W3C HTML standards.

Your web design Warrington team will make sure the website is compatible on multiple browsers, and also fully responsive. If there are any technical glitches or flaws in design, your web design Warrington service will fix it for you before the launch.

Your bespoke website is future ready. If you decide to take your website to the next level and add more features, your web design Warrington team can do so without a hassle.

Most importantly, when you hire a web design Warrington service to create your bespoke website, you have a ready resource of experience, expertise and skills at your disposal. Your web design team will be happy to answer your questions, and work with you all the way.

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