Best Signs that My Website Needs to be on a Dedicated Server

As a small business owner looking to build a website, you may have lots of questions to ensure your website is successful. What sort of a design should the website feature? How would the website serve my target audience best? What sort of content should I create? How should I choose a web design Warrington agency? And so on. But one question that most website owners overlook is the type of hosting your website needs. You have two options to choose from – shared hosting and dedicated hosting. So how do you decide whether your website needs dedicated hosting? Here are some signs to look out for.

Your Website Experiences Huge Traffic Regularly

When your website experiences huge traffic, so much so that your current shared hosting plan is unable to handle it, it’s time to upgrade to a dedicated server. When you need complete control during such situations and want to deliver the best experience to your visitors, a dedicated server is your best bet. Blue Whale Media is not just your web design Warrington agency. We offer high quality shared and dedicated hosting plans.

You Need Fast Load Time

You have a great website designed by the best web design Warrington agency. It’s visually stunning, mobile responsive and your agency has optimised it for speed and performance. Yet, your website takes a long time to load. The problem in such cases may lie with the shared hosting plan. If a lot of your customers complain of slow load time, it’s time for an upgrade to a dedicated server. Since you’re not sharing the space with other websites, you can expect super fast load time and superior performance.

Frequent Hacking and Virus Attacks

Is your website being hacked frequently? Perhaps your website is being attacked by viruses from left, right and centre? When on a shared hosting plan, your website is vulnerable. It’s highly susceptible to online threats and hacking. That’s because you are sharing the server with other unknown sites. A shared server hosts several different websites. What if a website on the shared host is hacked or attacked by a virus? It could compromise your website too. Don’t let others’ mistakes affect your business. Invest in a dedicated server that would not only improve your website’s performance, but also keep your site secure and safe.

In Conclusion – Contact our Web Design Warrington Team

There you go. Those are 3 top signs that your website needs a dedicated hosting plan. Get in touch with Blue Whale Media today. We can provide expert advice so you can choose the right plan for your needs.

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