Uncommon Blogging Tactics to Drive Engagement

The ever-changing technological landscape is providing a vast social networking platform for millions around the globe. Social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and What Sapp have become major avenues for communication and source of information.

Thousands of bloggers have taken advantage of these channels to give information and earn some money through blogs. There is stiff competition between bloggers to create blogs that are interesting and resourceful. Web designers Warrington offer you top-notch tips on how to create a blog that drives maximum engagement.

Avoid Short Articles

Web designers Warrington advice you to come up with an engaging, detailed and resourceful blog whose length is about two thousand words. A 2000 word blog is sufficient to discuss all details concerning a particular topic thoroughly. Ensure that you obtain your information from reliable and credible sources.

Post Often

Keep up with stiff competition and remain relevant by ensuring that you post new articles at least twice a week. Social media users tend to be drawn to blog pages that consistently offer fresh information and insights. Consistency establishes your blog page as a reliable source of information.

Take Time to Research

Gain more engagement by publishing relevant information. Web designers Warrington advice that you should spend quality time researching your topics. Remember that your main aim is to achieve credibility since users want helpful information that is not misleading.

Avoid Obscurity

The main features that web designers Warrington focus on are clarity and visibility. Ensure that your blog page is not jammed with too many ads since they end up blocking the original content. Anything that prevents users from getting the original information should be removed or restructured to ensure that your page appears neat.

User Interests

According to web designers Warrington, it is important first to find out what the users are interested in. The blog will end up being about the users so conduct surveys to establish the details that your users want concerning the topics you handle. It would be helpful to ask for suggestions from the users about how they like to be served.


Creativity will make you stand out of the crowd. Include unique features in your blog that other bloggers have not considered. It is possible to handle a topic that other bloggers have written about but still stand out. Detailed research makes all the difference; referencing is essential.


When handling a topic that involves photos, slide shows and graphic images, include them, web designers Warrington advice. Select the best web designer Warrington to work with when designing your blog page to help you achieve a perfect balance between visual images and written content.


The comment channel that is mostly used should be the one you choose. The second option is to visit other top blogs and find out the comment system that they use and incorporate it into your blog page. Make sure that you reply to every comment and avoid using pre-fabricated templates.

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