What’s In Store For Blue Whale Media In 2020

For any creative agency, every year brings new challenges and new technology. With trends changing all the time, new and exciting projects can pop up from nowhere. For 2020, it’s hard to say what will happen but our team have a few new campaigns already in the pipeline. From marketing to videography, team members to upcoming offers – we’ve got it all going! If you’re looking for some inspiration in the new year, then carry on reading to find out what’s in store for our digital agency in 2020.

Social Media  

No matter what happens, our marketing is always adapting every year. Our team are always coming up with new ideas and new trends are always on the rise. In 2019, we started our rebranding which meant finding our feet with what to post and what styling would work best on our social platforms. Now we have experimented with different designs, we are now moving forward in 2020 to ensure that we perfect our posts across all the different platforms. Our marketing team has been working on templates for different types of post but the new year is all about simplifying the number of statuses that are being published and focus on relevant and eye-catching posts. We are also going to work on the individual platforms to promote properly to the right target audience. Potentially some new designs as well – keep an eye out!

Team Growth

Focussing on an alternative view of the company, we have also expanded our team in 2020. We have introduced a new content writer to the team to join Melissa in producing content for the company. Rachel is joining us with her great knowledge in writing for the web and her enthusiasm for writing in general. Another new member joining the team is Naomi. Naomi will be coming in as a Web Design Apprentice to work alongside the existing team to expand on her design and development skills. Both will be a great addition to the team and hopefully, over the next year, we will grow our team even more.

Email Marketing

At the end of 2019, we decided to reinvent our email marketing campaign with some new designs to match the company’s new branding. The marketing team and graphic designers worked together to created new templates for the January Sales MailChimp and some general templates for 2020. We incorporated the new colour scheme as well as a new feature we’ve been trying out, animation. The new designs will help us to establish our new branding to our existing customers and also keep our marketing relevant across all marketing platforms. We’ll be focussing on more email marketing campaigns in 2020 as we continue to produce more MailChimps.


In previous years, we’ve occasionally added offers or deals to social posts at specific points of the year. Last year we didn’t publish as many promotions due to the busy schedule of rebranding. However, in 2020 the marketing team are working on a plan that maps out what offers we will be doing throughout the year. Within this plan, we will also be deciding how to promote deals across multiple platforms. This means not just promoting on social media, but using email marketing, print marketing and PPC adverts to help get the message out to the relevant people. The offers that we do offer will be more specific and straight to the point.


In terms of videography, we have already developed the service a lot in 2019. For the new year, we are wanting to continue the growth of the service. In 2020, we are looking into new premises for the videography team which will include more advanced technology and hopefully, this means we can work on some huge projects. We’re looking forward to seeing the rise in videography and what we can do differently to other creative agencies.

2020 is certainly going to be an interesting year! Keep an eye out for what’s in store on our Instagram page – https://www.instagram.com/bluewhalemedial