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Blue Whale Media on How to Optimise a Single Page Website

One page websites are becoming more and more popular with business owners in need of a website that displays all the information relevant to their business in one central location.

For those without a huge budget to spend on a website, investing in a single page website is a great way to get all the benefits of a multi page website without the cost.

But in a time where content is king, how can one page website owners optimise a website that features limited content potential?

Read Blue Whale Media’s latest blog to find out how.

One Page Website Based SEO Can Be Difficult

The first thing anyone needs to understand before attempting to optimise a one page website is that it can be difficult. Without a great deal of content available to optimise, optimising a one page website needs to be precise and well thought out.

Keyword Mapping

Before diving into the creation of your content, you first need to do some keyword mapping. As you have a limited platform for your content (one page) you need to make sure to create a <div> or <section> for each keyword and ensure they have a proper ID.

This will help with internal links.

Optimise Your Page’s Loading Speed

One of the most important influencers on your website’s search engine ranking is the loading speed of your page. Slow loading pages will actually damage your search engine ranking and so it is hugely important that your one page loads quickly and properly.

Not only is it important for pages to load quickly for SEO purposes, but statistics show that pages that take more than 4 seconds to load on average have much higher bounce rates than sites that take less than 4 seconds.

If you are not entirely sure how to improve your website’s loading speed, fear not!

Blue whale Media is your local website design Warrington agency and is happy to help you speed up your page and attract traffic.

Redraft Your Content from Time to Time

The problem with having one single page, is that you do not have a lot pf content for SEO purposes. Therefore, if you want to compete amongst search engines, then it is important that you keep your content fresh and optimised.

This may mean redrafting your content from time to time, including key words and content that relates to the time.

Do your research and keep up to date with which words and occurrences are relevant and include them in your website’s content.

Speak to Blue whale Media for help and advice on how you can optimise your website’s on page content for search engines.

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