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Blue Whale Media Talk Apple Watch!

Watch out for the new Apple Watch. This unique device designed like a watch is worn on the wrist and keeps time for you but it is nothing like what you have worn before. This smart watch is integrated with iOS and other Apple products and services. So, you will definitely need responsive web design for your website to perform optimally the Apple Watch.

Features Of Apple Watch

The new Apple Watch comes with unmatched features to change your world forever.

You can receive and respond to any notifications from your apps on the screen of the watch itself; important information is just a wrist away with your new Apple Watch.

Ask your watch to play your favourite music, start a workout, check your schedule or send a message; it will respond to your voice.

Organise your daily activities, boarding passes or reward cards on your Apple Watch
It has a complete health and fitness programme for all your daily workouts and fitness regime. It is your new fitness companion which will ensure you work more and sit less, making you fitter and healthier. There is also a dedicated workout app to help you burn all those extra calories.

The Apple Watch comes in a variety of designs to suit all personality types. So, it is little wonder that every wrist will love to have an Apple Watch in the days to come.

The Apple Watch works with an iPhone (iPhone 5 or higher version) through a wireless connection to perform some of its key functions like calling or texting.

Responsive Web Design

With these all new features of the Apple Watch, responsive web design becomes imperative for your website. Keep a few key factors in mind for this purpose.

The device is in touch with the body and not hand-held, unlike mobile phones or tabs. So, make sure your UI is suited for this purpose

This is not as powerful a device as iPads or iPhones; so keep your design simple and lightweight

Keep in mind the background colour and text colour; make sure they are in high contrast for the convenience of the user

We, at Blue Whale Media, have years of experience and unmatched technical expertise in web design. We will happily provide support to you for any assistance that you may require for responsive web design. Contact us today and get a fully responsive website for your business.

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