Branding On A Budget For Small Businesses

Branding On A Budget For Small Businesses

Small businesses and startup companies can commonly overlook branding, and think it is only a matter of importance for the big corporations such as Apple, Amazon etc. The fact is, branding is of vital importance for any business – big or small. Branding can be a very expensive and long-term project for any business to undertake, but it doesn’t have to start-off that way! In this blog I will outline some simple and inexpensive steps you can take to start off your small business’ branding.


Other than the name of your company, your company logo should be a majorly high priority on your list to get completed. The logo is the face of your company, it’s the part of your business that most people will see first and it’s important that your logo gives off the right feeling for your company. For instance, a cartoony type of style for your logo may be great for a business that deals with kids, such as a nursery – but it just isn’t going to cut it for an accounting firm. 

Another area of graphics to think of is your brand colours. It is important to make sure you are happy with your choices, as these brand colours will be used to represent your company across everything: from your website, to your social media and even your printed graphics. Just like your logo style, certain colours can give people certain emotive feelings: to learn more about that, you can check out our blog about the psychology of colours.

Web Presence

The next area of your branding is your web presence. Having a visible web presence is a requirement for any business operating in this digital age, and research has shown that many consumers will check if a business has a website or a social media page in order to judge the trustworthiness of that business before purchasing anything.

In costs nothing to setup a page or profile for your business on the major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also run very targeted and cost-effective adverts on these social platforms as a way to promote your brand and get your business in front of your core consumers.

Moving from social networks, a business should also have its own website. This is where the price can get a little tricky however, since a fully bespoke, functional and professional website can really start to strain your budget. If a website isn’t a priority, you can create your own website from templates with online website builders such as Wix – although at the very least make sure a professional web designer is able to assist you with this. If a consumer searches your business online before purchasing and ends up finding your poorly built website, it could very well be a deciding factor and result in you losing a customer. Once your company has the budget, you should hire a digital agency to handle your business web design in Warrington.


Content is mostly relevant if you have your own website, but you can also get your brand out by using free blogging platforms such as Medium, and promote them on your social networks.

The idea of using online content to build your brand is by making yourself appear as an authority figure in the industry and an expert on the subject matter. Content gives you access to a very effective yet indirect method of marketing called content marketing. Let’s say we have a business selling cupcakes. For our content marketing, we can create a piece of blog content for the “Top 10 Cupcakes For Christmas Parties” – this blog isn’t directly promoting your own cupcakes, but if a user reads this blog, decides to buy one of these cupcakes then they already know where to go to buy a cupcake from!

You can also try to promote your brand on already established blogs that are related to your niche. These are called guest posts. Someone else has a website with blogs and articles related to your industry/niche, you offer to write a blog for them about a relevant content in return that you can link back to your own website. Guest posts are great because they drive traffic from websites that are already established and improve your SEO!