Why Build A WordPress Website!

WordPress is one of the most powerful and easiest blogging and website content management systems (CMS) that is being increasingly used the world over. This is an open source project that can be used by any one keen to design a website or launch a blog. But its advantage does not stop there. The benefits of having a WordPress website are manifold and extensive. Our web design Warrington team at Blue Whale Media strongly recommends a WordPress website for the several benefits it offers.

Ease Of Use

WordPress is loved the world over for its ease of use. Our web design Warrington team also loves working with this software for its convenience that allows the user to add new pages, blog posts, images and other data on a regular basis. Moreover, the technology is so simple that you need to spend very little time for formatting.


This flexible software can be used to create a personal blog or website, a photoblog, a business website, a professional portfolio, a government website, a magazine or news website, an online community and even a network of websites.

Search Engine Optimised

The WordPress code is simple and clean. Moreover, you can add Meta tags, keywords, description and title for each page, post, and image. Search engines love to read and index the contents of such sites with ease.

Easy To Install, Upgrade And Manage

WordPress websites are so easy to install that you can do so simply by one click of the mouse. You can upgrade and manage your website with the same ease and convenience.

Extend The Functionality With Plugins

WordPress offers access to thousands of plugins to help extend the functionality of your website. Add an event calendar, video gallery, Twitter feed, social networking forums, social media widgets, spam protection, fine-tune controls for search engine optimisation and forms; all with the help of these plugins.

Scalable Website With A Web design Warrington Agency

As you grow and extend your site, trust your WordPress website to spread with you. You can add and manage thousands of blog posts, pictures and documents on your site without compromising on the performance of your site.

We, at Blue Whale Media, have extensive knowledge and experience of WordPress website development. Our web design Warrington services give you cleanly coded and crisp WordPress websites that deliver results. Contact us today and get that perfect website design that you and your visitors will love using.

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