Common mistakes WordPress designers should avoid

It is normal to make a few mistakes here and there when doing something for the first time and learn from these mistakes going forward. The WordPress platform is, to some extent, preferred because of its ease of use and therefore no need of hiring a professional for setting up. This has consequently been a reason that has seen many beginners setting up their websites on their own, and mistakes are prone to happen. Web Design Warrington, however, believes that some common errors which new users are likely to make can be avoided saving time and their corresponding associated costs. Some of these common mistakes include;

Using wrong software

According to Web Design Warrington, there are two different kinds of WordPress. The first one,, is not as flexible and is not a free service, but is the popularly known open source platform, which is self-hosted and allows the user to develop their websites. Individuals are therefore encouraged to make sure they start with to ensure they have access to the various additional features which are compatible with the platform.

Not using backup systems

There is a lot of associated costs which comes with the misfortune of data loss on websites. Data can be lost through blunders by various authorized personnel, hacking, etc. which may prove complicated to recover and risk losing all your data or in worst case scenarios the website itself. It is therefore advisable to integrate a backup plugin compatible with WordPress and further redirecting the backup storage to a remote location independent of your web hosting server.

Using the wrong theme

With thousands of themes available for use, making the right choice becomes a challenge, especially for beginners. To minimize this confusion and unnecessary repetition for trial and error, Web Design Warrington recommends the selection of the desired theme for use from the start and stick to it up until the website development process is complete. Your choice of theme should, however, look great on all devices, optimized to respond quickly and peak performance, easily customizable to fit your specific needs, etc.

Failure to optimise for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for ensuring the website is visible to prospective clients, making it easier for them to find your website. It is a goldmine to traffic on your website, which is beneficial in increasing online sales, which encourage the ultimate growth of the business.

Not updating

Using outdated software may leave your website vulnerable, especially if the updates are for security purposes. There are misconceptions which have led to some people believing that updates may cause errors that would lead to the damage of their functional websites. Web Design Warrington confirms that these allegations are false, and WordPress updates can be installed safely without any damage to the website. The integrated themes and plugins also have various upgrades for their improved functioning, which users should consider installing.

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