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Comparing Website Design Warrington Agencies – Part 1

There are just so many website design Warrington agencies that making a decision isn’t easy at all. Which agencies do you contact to quote for your web design project? And which quote should you go ahead with?

At Blue Whale Media, we have a team of expert website design Warrington professionals who can deliver a website that delivers results. Here’s a look at five questions to ask potential web design agencies.

What’s Your Team Strength?

Web design projects take certain time to complete. Even if you require a simple five page website, a one-man-team cannot give your website design project the same kind of attention that a bigger agency can. This could cause delays, miscommunication and frustration.

Who Will Do The Actual Work?

Be sure to ask your website design Warrington agency whether they’ll be outsourcing the work to an overseas team, or is the entire design work done in house? If the project is outsourced, even the agency does not have control over the project. With no direct point of contact, how would you resolve problems and delays, if any? It’s best to choose an agency that has in house team of professional designers.

What’s The Timeline For Completion?

For some agencies, bagging the web design project is more important than even delivering it on time. So before you sign the dotted line, be sure to ask a few simple questions. How long will the project take? How long would it take for each project milestone to complete? What happens if the agency misses the deadline?  

How Will The Project Be Managed?

Web design projects call for a refined structure, good management and a well defined process. Ensure that all parts of the project are not handled by the same personnel. Does the website design Warrington agency have a process in place or they expect spoon feeding? What are the significant milestones of the project?

Who’s In Charge Of What?

Find out the nitty-gritties of the quote in detail. Does the agency want you to provide the text, photos as well as navigation and structure of the website? Do they offer additional services such as copywriting, logo design, SEO, etc?

What are the inclusions of the quote? What features are optional extras? What happens after the website launch? Answers to these questions will help you make an informed decision.

In our next post, we will see five more questions you should ask potential website design Warrington agencies.

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