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Competitor Analysis And Website Design

The days of business secrecy are long gone. Technology has effectively neutralised secrecy to a great extent. Several tools are available online to analyse your competitors and their strategies. And it all starts with Website Design

Perhaps you are already doing competitor analysis in your business to add new products, improve existing product line, enhance customer service, and so on.

There’s one other crucial area where you can leverage competitor analysis – website design. The right website design company Warrington can help take your website to the next level by using insights gained from competitor analysis.

Here’s a look at some elements your website design company Warrington will look for during competitor analysis.


Your website design company Warrington will analyse the aesthetic aspects of your competitors’ websites. In addition to studying the typography, colour scheme, and other elements, they will analyse how all these affect the overall user experience.


Your website is a success only if it succeeds in converting visitors into paying customers. Your website design company Warrington will analyse how your competitors do this. They will analyse the homepage, landing pages, calls to action, and other key elements in the sales funnel to design a profitable asset for your business.


UX, short for user experience, is all about making navigating your website easy for visitors. How easy is the navigation? How easy is it to find information the user is looking for? Answers to these and many more usability related questions can be found by analysing competitors’ websites.


A good website design company Warrington knows that a stunning design should support the message you want to convey to your audience. The design team will analyse the information your competition shares with its visitors, and what crucial information is missing. This will pave the way for them to recommend the length of content to include, and how best to display it.


Your design team will also analyse the loading time of competitors’ websites. Load time is a crucial factor for search engine rankings as well as for keeping visitors happy. This insight will help your website design company Warrington in creating the best solution for a fast loading website.

In spite of the inherent advantages, many website design agencies fail to make competitor analysis an integral part of the web development process. Be sure to choose a website design company Warrington that has your interests at the top of their priority list.

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