Content creation ideas for better business posts

Content creation ideas for better business posts 

Coming up with new ideas for engaging, high-quality content regularly isn’t easy. 

Companies struggle to come up with new angles and ideas; it’s a pain at times, we understand that. At Blue Whale Media, our content and marketing teams have been on a brainstorming session to develop blog topics and ideas for your blogs, social statuses and videos. Here’s a list of the best content creation ideas:

1. Customer success story.

A great testimonial from a customer is perfect; you can share this in a blog and on your social platforms. We’d recommend asking for permission to turn it into a post; you can then use it to solicit more customer stories.

2. Share your opinion on the news.

How are current events affecting your customers? How is it affecting your business and the industry you work in? You could also run a Google Alert on specific keywords related to your business or industry to find relevant news items to discuss.

3. Answer the questions everyone is asking.

FAQs are great when you want to establish authority as well as earn the trust of customers or even other companies. An FAQ post shows you’re responsive and saves customers time; it also helps others within your industry who are just like you!

4. Write a how-to post.

One of the most popular types of blog posts is a how-to; why? Because people search online for answers to their problems and a how-to post can provide those answers. Again it helps you to establish authority and trust within your industry. 

5. Talk about trends.

Trends within your industry are essential to your business; talking about them on your social platforms and videos is a great way to introduce new content. You convey authority when you tell how things are evolving in your industry to other companies and your customers. 

6. Discuss plans.

Give readers a sneak peek at what you’ll do in the coming year to start generating interest. You can then keep sharing your progress, whether in a blog post or on your social media platforms. 

7. Make a podcast.

Record a quick interview with a team member about a project, or just give a few of your valuable tips. Podcasts are significant in terms of content because you can post the whole podcast and even create snippets within your blogs or on your social media.

8. Explain how you do something.

Do you have a unique way of doing something, selling services, providing your customers with a product or service? Tell people how you do it or even why you do it; the transparency will help you earn more business. 

9. Show your charity work.

If your business gives back to the community, post a video or photo of what you’ve been doing. People love selfless acts when it comes to companies, especially!

10. Meet the staff.

While your About Us page will hold information about the people in your business, writing a blog post about your team can help your audience relate to your business on a more personal level.

11. Share a highlight.

What were the significant milestones in your company’s history? By sharing your important moments within your business, you become more personable with your customers and you can share how it changed your business. 

12. Tips and tricks.

Want to share something different? Give your customers and readers a few random suggestions for how to get more out of your services. 

13. A day in the life.

You want your audience to feel like they can relate to you. Give customers an hour-by-hour account of a typical day at your company, part of the reason people buy from you is because of you! 

14. Visit competitor websites.

Your competitor sites are looking at their competitors; it’s part of the research process. It will help you come up with newer and better content; putting your spin on someone else’s content is a brilliant plan!

15. Spotlight key people in your business.

For many business owners and marketers, invitations to conventions, summits, or learning opportunities are worth their while. This is an excellent opportunity to blog about the event and how it benefited vital people. 

Some of these ideas are linked to your local area and target audience – even if they aren’t directly relevant to your business you are showing clients and followers that you are active in their community. If you still need help with ideas and becoming creative, why not get in touch with Blue Whale Media?