Is Content Really King?



When it comes to web design Warrington, effective content is often the difference between a good website and a great site that creates conversions.

Recently, the world’s leading search engine Google proclaimed ‘content is king’, in a bid to educate those seeking to improve their businesses’ online exposure through white hat optimisation techniques.

But how important really is good quality, optimised content and do you need to make it a priority for your business?

Blue Whale Media are here to shed some light on the matter.

On Page Content Can Make All The Difference

Whether it’s your web pages, your blog feed or any other form of on page content- investing in high quality and well written content or ‘copy’ can have a huge impact.

Why is this the case? Content writers are professionals. There skill set is equipped with the ability to write persuasively, descriptively and took make conversions. It can be hard to put into words exactly what your business is about but you can bet a skilled content writer can find the words.

As well as this, on page content written for SEO purposes can help you improve the rate of traffic to your website exponentially.

Increases Engagement Rates

Great content has the potential to encourage user engagement with your brand. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a blog, article, social media post or any other type of content, if the content is relevant and well written then it can create positive exposure for your brand.

Build a Brand Image Through Content

This is an easy way to build up a relationship with those loyal to your brand or those that are not already familiar with your business. Either way, you can establish an ongoing relationship with the public and improve engagement with your brand through great content.

Build an Extensive Company Literature Through Content Creation

Aside from the efforts in optimisation that Content creation offers, the result of an ongoing content plan will be a portfolio of company related literature that can easily be accessed by anyone.

Think of all the potential blogs, articles etc. relating to your business that you could have on offer for those engaging with your business.

The important thing to remember is that the content should be carried out by a skilled content writing service. Blue whale Media is a web design Warrington agency that offers content creation as part of our core services and can help you build your organisation’s literature today.

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So yes, we have confirmed it- content is king. If you want to be on the winning side of content marketing, then speak to Blue Whale Media today.

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