Could the Layout of My eCommerce Shop Affect its Performance on Google?

Could the Layout of My eCommerce Shop Affect its Performance on Google?

The layout of your website has a major influence on several important aspects including the traffic, conversion rate, visitor engagement and yes, SEO. For best results, hire an expert e-commerce website design Warrington service.

All you have are 10 seconds

Studies and surveys have shown that visitors decide whether or not to shop on an online store within 10 seconds of arriving. Essentially, you have less than 10 seconds to engage, entice and convince a visitor to consider the products you offer. This makes the layout very important.

When it comes to ecommerce websites, the layout should be such that the products are clearly and easily visible to the visitor within 10 seconds. This calls for a good balance of textual and visual content.

Placement of Tags

Headers and title tags are a very important part of an ecommerce store. To make the page more effective, place title tags at the top of the page. The title tag should include a long tail keyword.


Websites with original, high quality content rank well. Design your website to include content placed prominently under the title on each page. A short description of the page can be included on the top.

This description should be optimised for your target keywords. For best results, also include testimonies and reviews from customers.

Image Presentation

Thumbnails are effective ways of presenting images on the pages.

However, they can increase load times and be detrimental to SEO. Thumbnails could delay the loading of category pages. To avoid such problems, reduce the size of thumbnails.

An expert e-commerce website design Warrington service will be able to offer an effective solution.

Optimise images by giving subtitles in plain English. Include Alt tags so that the search engines can read the images even if the images are not displayed properly. Use keywords in the alt tags for better optimisation. Show your products from multiple angles with an alt tag for each angle.

Visually Pleasing Design

According a recent survey conducted to find out the reasons why customers mistrust websites, 94 percent people said that elements related to web design are the major factors.

Only 6 percent customers said that content was the main factor for mistrust. When it comes to SEO, traffic is an important factor. So, the more appealing and clear the layout, the higher are the chances of your website ranking higher.

When designing a website, ensure that headers are provided on every page. Images are best placed in the top half of the page. Avoid videos that increase load times.

Consult a professional ecommerce website design Warrington service for SEO friendly layouts.

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