How To Create A Successful Podcast 

Videos have become the biggest trend this year and along with that has been the dawn of podcasts. A podcast is a great way to broadcast your opinion and connect with your audience. You can focus your podcast on multiple topics including relevant trends, top tips, advice, interviews, latest news and personal experience. Whatever you choose, you need to make sure it’s relevant to your business. Below I have discussed the easy steps on how to create a successful podcast.


The first thing to do with any video is research. You want to research what sort of podcasts are out there at the minute. Maybe research what your competitors are doing and see if you get some ideas from them. On the other hand, you might want to research what is currently happening in your industry. This is a big one for me as if you can stay relevant and be on top of the latest trends that it shows you pay attention. You might also want to research what is the best platform for you to publish your podcast and what time/day.


Planning is the next step in creating a successful podcast. When you have your research and all the relevant information, you need to plan what layout the podcast will follow. Starting off with an introduction, talking about a few points involved in the topic, maybe including personal experience, showing videos and then rounding it up with a nice conclusion. Planning is key when it comes to podcast as you don’t just want to start filming and be lost for words. This can be horrible, especially if it’s your first podcast. My advice would be to write a couple of points down to discuss throughout and then add some context to each section. 


For filming, this all depends on the equipment you have. If you are doing it all by yourself then you might be using a phone which is fine but if you hire an agency to do it for you then you will be getting professional equipment such as lightning, headphones, microphones and a proper crew set. Whatever you film on, you just need to ensure the background is suitable and viewers are able to see and hear you. You also need to make sure you are filming in high quality.


Once you have created your podcast, you then need to decide how to market it to your target audience. Will you announce it on social platforms? Include it in your latest newsletter? Publish it on your website? Whatever you decide on, you need to make sure you are connecting with the right people who will be interested in the topics you discuss.


With all that being said, it can be a lot harder than you think to actually start a routine of high-quality podcasts. We have only just started but lucky for us we have the help of our videography and marketing team. If you need a creative video production agency partner to help with your podcasts, we’re just a click away.

While I’ve got your attention, why not take a look at one of my latest podcasts below!