The Crucial Elements Professionals Of Web Design Manchester Will Add To Your Website

The professionals of web design Manchester residents highly recommend to others – Blue Whale Media, of course – as they a have wide range of experiences and expertise in the field. In all of their work in web design and development, nonetheless, the following crucial elements are included for reasons discussed, too.

Attractive Typography

Your brand will be partly determined by the typography use include the style, size and family of fonts used as well as the logos and slogans included in your website. The goal: To ensure that your target consumers can immediately identify your brand from amidst the sea of competitors. Aside from the typography, our web design Manchester professionals will also consider colours in designing your website. Choose your company colours now, if you yet to do so.

Flat Design

Clean, sleek and simple with more emphasis on content (i.e., function) than on a fancy appearance (i.e., form). Flat design does not mean boring and bland, far from it – instead, it allows your website visitors to concentrate on what you have to say because there are little to no distractions from your message. Plus, a flat design means a more effective and efficient use of white space where the design elements complement, not clash, with the website content.

Compelling Product Images And Content Including Descriptions And Reviews

Our web design Manchester professionals acknowledge that you are promoting your products and services on your website. As such, you are assured that your website will contain compelling images and content for these items, thus, contributing to your increased brand exposure and, eventually, revenues. Large product images are increasingly becoming popular on many B2B websites because these aid in highlighting the items’ useful features. Prospective buyers are also more likely to buy the products because they can better visualise their usefulness. But size is not the only thing that matters. The product images should also be responsive in the sense that these can be viewed without scrolling up and down or from side to side.

Informative Product Videos

Our web design professionals will not stop at product images. Studies have shown that informative videos are more effective and efficient in persuading consumers to buy the products or patronise the services. Videos also provide more opportunities to inform customers about the products – what these can be used for, why these should be used, and how these can be used to benefit them. Besides, videos are more engaging than text in most instances. Of course, content is still king in websites and our web design Manchester professionals here at Blue Whale Media are also expert in this area. Contact us for your needs and wants in search engine optimisation, social media, and pay per click marketing aside from website design and development today.

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