How To Determine If Your Website Needs A Redesign? Answered By The Website Design Warrington Team

Your website was created quite a while ago. Every time you visit your website, you can’t help but think of the numerous things that could be changed in the website.

The navigation is cumbersome, photos are boring and dull, the content hasn’t been updated to reflect your latest product range, and the list simply goes on. Don’t panic, the website design Warrington team are here to help!

However, you are not sure if a website redesign is the answer. You keep thinking of hiring a website design Warrington agency to simply make some cosmetic changes. Here’s a quick guide to help you evaluate if your website needs a redesign.


You may not like the design, but that in no way means the website’s outdated. Your website design Warrington agency will ask some pertinent questions about the website design to determine if it really is outdated. Here are some questions to ask:

• Is your website fully responsive and mobile friendly?

• Is your website compatible with multiple browsers?

• Does the colour scheme of the website match with your current branding?

• Are the visuals on the website latest and current?


The functionality of your website is the most important criterion to evaluate to determine if you need to hire a website design Warrington agency for a redesign. No matter the type of business you’re in, the industry you represent or the type of customers you’re targeting, offering a user friendly experience should be your top priority. So if your website is poorly designed, or has some issues, it’s time to ask some important questions.

• Can the website be updated easily?

• Is the website quick to load or takes an eternity?

• Can first time visitors to your website easily find what they’re looking for?

• Is your contact information easy to find on your website?


f the content of your website was created when the business was founded and hasn’t been updated ever since, you are setting a bad impression on your visitors.

• Is the content on your website current?

• Are current videos and photos featured on your website?

• Are your products/services pages updated?

• Have you published a blog post in the last 6 months?

• Does your website still have old brochures and price list?

These are some important aspects that will help evaluate if your website needs a complete redesign? Ask your website design Warrington agency for their thoughts to get further clarity. Ready for a website redesign? Contact Blue Whale Media today for a stunning new website for your business. Contact us on 01925 552050 now for a no obligation consultation with our website design Warrington experts.

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