What is the difference between HTML and CSS?

HTML and CSS are scripting languages used in the creation of web pages and can also be used in web application. However, they differ in their implementation, ease of use, features and syntactical structure. Web Design Warrington is a reputable company that can assist you in designing quality web pages using HTML and CSS elements.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

It is used for actual content creation in web pages. In HTML, you start by writing words then adding tags or elements to the words. The words written combined with tags and elements then appear on web pages. Through this method the browser can easily identify heading of a page, it’s beginning and its ending.

HTML can be described as a markup language that is used for describing web pages. It is also possible to navigate from one page to another through the use of HTML by clicking on a particular text known as hyperlinks.

HTML has tags enclosed in brackets and come in pairs. The tags include; HTML elements, content, start tag and end tag. HTML elements are used to describe sections in a web document. The content mainly consists of the texts, images, links or any other information displayed in a web document. A start tag identifies the beginning of an element. An end tag is used to close the HTML elements by differentiating factors.

The use of HTML is not complicated. However, you can rely on a professional web design agency to design quality web documents using HTML elements.

CSS (Cascade Styling Sheets)

CSS is responsible for the appearance and quality of text displayed in a web document. It dictates the design and style of a site and incorporates background colour, visual effects, and layout. CSS properties are grouped into two categories presentation and layout.

Presentation of a web document defines the font size, background colour, font type, background images and colour of text. Layout determines the placing or position of elements in a document.

CSS contains declarations that are found in between curly brackets and consist of property and value separated by colons.

CSS application is a bit complex than HTML; thus you can rely on a professional such as our own team of web designers in Manchester for assistance.

Learn more about CSS with our dedicated blog.

Significant Differences

  • HTML determines the structure and content of a web document while CSS dictates the display and design of HTML elements.
  • HTML can incorporate CSS in its files while CSS cannot include HTML in its style sheets.
  • HTML has tags surrounding it while CSS is surrounded by selectors that are succeeded by an element called declaration block.
  • In HTML the method of use is not defined while in CSS you use an external and internal style sheet or inline CSS code.
  • You can retrieve information from other pages through HTML while in CSS you can only enhance display across different platforms.

HTML and CSS are used for ease of creation of desirable web documents. However, CSS is replacing HTML as it has advanced features. Blue Whale Media is a reliable partner in ensuring the elements are used appropriately.

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