The different types of SSL certificates

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology which ensures that there is an encrypted network between a server and the user’s browser to prevent third parties from accessing crucial information. This technology is useful in preventing the leaking of passwords and important bank information such as Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) to hackers who can use this information to exploit the various users. Web Design Warrington, therefore, has adviced people to only access sites which have SSL protection to minimize the risks of hacking and confirms the authenticity of the various webpages.

SSL certificates offer the same level of secure encrypted transfer of server-browser information; however, Web Design Warrington has disclosed there are differences which mainly arise because of their varied verification procedures. The different certificates can be majorly grouped depending on their level of validation and the number of secured domains which they have. Types of SSL depending on their validation level include;

Extended Validation Certificate

With this type of certificate, the issuer conducts rigorous scrutiny of the organization and their rights for usage of a particular domain name. EV SSL offers the highest level of verification from their location, their legal existence and whether the organization is aware of the request for processing of the SSL certificate. According to Web Design Warrington, supporting documents are required for the authentication process of the companies’ identity, and this is the most expensive certificate because of the increased human participation in the process.

Organization Validated Certificate

The issuer investigates the firm which has applied for the certificate however not as strictly as for EV SSL. The verified details are however highlighted in the certificate visible to the general public who know how to access them.

Domain Validation Certificate

here, no company information or details are scrutinized, and there is no display of data on the certificate apart from the encryption data. These certificates have the advantage of having the same encryption security as the other two; however, they are processed within a very short time comparatively with no need for submitting documents. It is also the cheapest of the three.

Certificates grouped based on the number of secured domains include;

Single Name SSL Certificate

This certificate protects the information of only one domain leaving the subdomains unprotected. It is suited for small businesses to manage specific websites and is considered to be the cheapest SSL certificate.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Here, the certificate provides security for an unlimited number of subdomains belonging to one domain if your business has various subdomains to secure such as emails, payment domains, etc. Web Design Warrington encourages the use of this certificate to avoid the cost of securing each subdomain individually.

Multi-domain SSL Certificate

This type makes it possible to protect a lot of domains using the same SSL certificate. It, therefore, becomes easy for the business owners only to manage one certificate, to keep tabs and renew it when expired unlike the use of many certificates to cover the different domains associated with the business.

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