Top digital marketing tools to use in 2022

Best Digital Marketing Tools To Use In 2022

With the best digital marketing tools, you can scale your business and achieve your goals a whole lot faster. While they won’t do they work for you, the right online marketing tools will certainly help you execute an effective strategy, and with the right lineup, you really can race sail past the competition. There’s just one problem: trying to figure out which tools to use. Today, there’s no shortage of online marketing tools, and while having a lot of options to choose from is certainly a good thing, it can also make trying to figure out which tools to seem like a pretty daunting task.

Every new tool requires an investment of both your money and your time; two of the most valuable assets you have. In the world of business, a poor investment could spell disaster. Not only could you end up wasting your money and time, but your business could take a hit, as your bottom line – and even your reputation – could suffer. Plus, you’ll have to go back to the drawing board and try to figure out what to replace the defunct tool with; make the wrong choice again and you’ll waste even more time and money. Needless to say, it can become quite the vicious cycle.

So, how do you figure out which digital marketing tools are worth your while? Where do start? Well, you’ve come to the right place! At Blue Whale Media, our mission is to help our online marketers achieve the success that they desire and deserve. To that end, we’ve taken the liberty of putting together a comprehensive list of our favorite online advertising tools that we’ve tons of success with. With these tools in your tool belt, you’ll take your marketing strategy to the next level. 

Online Marketing Tools by Strategy 

From discovering new advertising opportunities to fostering more meaningful relationships with your customers, and even winning over new leads; whatever your objectives may be, the team at Blue Whale Media has put together a list of digital marketing tools that will be sure to assist you. 

The tools featured on this list can serve as a strong foundation of a formidable marketing stack, and they have been categorized accordingly: 

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO tools
  • Landing page and lead capture

So without further ado, let’s dive in! 

Email Marketing 

Arguably the most tried, tested, and scalable of all advertising tools, email is a staple online marketing tool for business of all shapes and sizes and across all sectors. From enhancing deliverability to developing amazing offer campaigns, and even building lists, here are some of the best email marketing tools that will allow you to successfully assess client data and put a large portion of your online advertising endeavors on autopilot. 


An all-in-one email marketing, sales CRM, and marketing automation software, ActiveCampaign is so easy to use and offers excellent results. Offering welcome messages, triggering campaigns, sales follow-ups, and so much more; with this email marketing solution, connecting and interacting with your contacts will be a breeze. Dozens of data-supported automations ensure that you’ll never miss out on opportunities with potential leads. 


Featuring a complete collection of user-friendly email marketing services, SendGrid is a must-have for newbie and experienced marketers alike. For instance, flexible design options through coding or visual, drag-and-drop edition – or a blend of both options. SendGrid also offers comprehensive deliverability and performance analytics, allowing you to see which messages are getting results and which ones need to be tweaked. Another major advantage of SendGrid is that they over plans that are free forever for growing businesses and scalable price plans that coordinate with your needs as your list expands. 

HubSpot Sales

Formerly known as Sidekick, with HubSpot Sales, you can not only see which recipients open up your emails, but you can see when they open them. This email marketing tool pulls up the professional history, company profile, and even the latest tweets that contacts have posted. As if all of that isn’t awesome enough, with HubSpot Sales, you can compose and schedule future emails, too!


The Lemlist email marketing tool is unique, as it deliverability is its primary focus. It highlights the ideal times to send out your messages – and how often you should send them – allowing you to boost the rate of openings and clicks. It even features personalization tools that will take the spammy sound out of your outreach emails, and that will sequence follow-up messages so that the prompt more responses from your cold prospects. If you want to optimize your existing email marketing campaign, Lemlist is an excellent tool. 

Social Media Marketing Tools

What started as something that was meant to be used as a way for family and friends to connect and share with one another has become one of the most powerful marketing tools for business owners. The set-up is the ideal environment to nurture leads and build powerful, meaningful relationships. Social media marketing is also an excellent way to collect invaluable data in regard to what your existing customers and prospects are looking for. 

While there’s no denying that social media is one of the most powerful tools in a marketers tool belt, there are so many working pieces, and trying to manage all of them on your own can be overwhelming, confusing, and can ultimately lead to burnout. To avoid all that, rather than trying to handle it all on your own, let a dedicated software do it for you! With powerful social media marketing tool, you’ll be able to publish content that offers more meaning, maximize data collection, and can make this advertising strategy to the next level. 

With that said, here’s a look at some of the most powerful social media marketing tools to consider adding to your digital marketing strategy.


Loomly has dubbed themselves a “brand success platform”, and it’s perfect for smaller teams that want to organize – and collaborate – content. This tool features built-in deadlines, calendars, and even workflows that make brainstorming new content and scheduling posts a cinch. It can even assess trending topics and conversations to curate fresh, attention-grabbing content ideas that will be sure to interest and engage your followers. 

A simple, easy-to-use interface makes navigating a breeze; in fact, it’s so simple to use that even the least tech-savvy marketers will be able to use it with ease. The affordable price tag makes the Loomly platform ideal for solo organizations and smaller marketing agencies that want to boost their presence on social platforms. 

Sprout Social 

With Sprout Social, businesses that want to turn their presence on social media platforms into real, measurable results can do so with ease. This social media management platform lets you organize your content calendar and assets in one convenient, easy-to-access space. You’ll be able to both publish and schedule content across several platforms so that everything is perfectly timed according to when your followers are the most active. 

In addition to social media management, with Sprout Social, you can collaborate with both customers and colleagues. A neat Smart Inbox feature lets you get a bird’s-eye view of your messages, allowing you to compose thoughtful responses, and to respond in a timely manner. It features social analytics, too!


Hootsuite makes it easier to schedule social media posts and check on interaction with your social media accounts, in one central location. With this too, you can organize streams for things like scheduled messages, mentions, and posts. You can assign comments or messages to team members that they can respond to in the future, too!

SEO Tools 

Because the competition in the digital landscape is ever-increasing, businesses need to employ as many strategies as they can to boost their visibility on search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective ways to do just that. In fact, SEO is the cornerstone of online marketing; however, there are so many facets that go into developing a successful SEO strategy, which can make developing and implementing such a strategy quite daunting. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools out there that have made it a whole lot easier. Here are some of the best SEO tools to consider according to our SEO experts in Manchester


Considered the gold-star standard for brainstorming and targeting keywords that will rank among online marketers, Ahrefs’ site explore allows you to easily assess the top organic keywords on any URL. It also lets you estimate the amount of traffic your competition receives for given search terms. You can even detect the best performing content and backlink sources, too!

All in all, Ahrefs is a well-deigned, comprehensive SEO tool that can be used not only to analyze competition, but that can also be used to ensure that your existing content is up to par. 


If you want to take full advantage of keywords and optimize the content that you’re already using, Clearscope is a great tool to use. This platform is particularly beneficial for content generation, as it features an editor that recommends the best keywords that you can use to make your content both search engine friendly and readable. 

Clearscope is well-suited for both new content development, as well as for updating existing content. It really does an excellent job of analyzing and helping all aspects of SEO. 

Google Keyword Planner

With Google Keyword Planner, you can see which of your targeted keywords pack the most punch. With this tool, you can see how often users search for the keywords you’ve targeted, and if the frequency of searches changes, and you can use that information to write or adjust your content accordingly. 

Landing Page and Lead Capture

In the age of information, we can find whatever we’re looking for with just a few clicks of a button or swipes of a screen. With so much information, attention spans are decreasing, which means that marketer owners really need to make a concerted effort to capture the attention of site visitors. Marketing platforms that are focused on lead capture aim to do just that, not only encouraging visitors to stay awhile, but to complete a specific action. When implemented properly, lead generation and conversions increase. 

The following are some of the best landing page and lead capture tools currently available. For the best results though, you should definitely work with a web design company in Manchester to create your landing pages. 


If your goal is to generate content that’s attractive, yet that is minimalist in nature, Typeform is a great option. The intake forms that this tool generates are visually appealing; they don’t look like flashy, pushy, and obnoxious ads. You can even generate interactive forms and quizzes with this easy to use tool. 


With OptiMonk, you can really capture the attention of your audience. This tool primarily focuses on lead capture, as well as exit intent messages. It employs targeting that is based on behavior, which means that you can create non-obtrusive, non-disruptive pop-ups. For instance, you can segment your advertising messages and deliver them at times when it truly makes sense to. From first time browsers to returning customers, with OptiMonk, you can create customized campaigns rather than cookie-cutter messages. 


MailMunch is quite unique, as it’s both an email marketing and a landing page tool that is focused on building lists. It offers a variety of engaging, interactive form types, as well as emails, that you can send out to leads after they have opted-in. 

With MailMunch, you can segment you targeted audience according to certain factors; demographics and how frequently they make purchases, for example. Furthermore, the platform’s goal-orientated form-developer is simple, easy to use, and allows you to use an array of templates. 

Need More Help with Your Digital Marketing Efforts? 

The above is by no means a comprehensive list of the different digital marketing tools that are available; it’s merely an overview of some of the best options out there. If you’re interested in learning more about the tools mentioned here or you’d like to find out about other options – and you want to figure out how to put those tools to work for you – get in touch with Blue Whale Media. As a leading digital marketing agency, we’ll help you take your success to the next level.