Ecommerce Website Vs Shop Premises

In recent times, there has been an increase in online sales of products and services around the world on a ecommerce Website. A brick and mortar shop is not necessarily the best way to make your business a success.

In fact, more businesses are giving up the traditional methods of selling for more viable options such as online ecommerce. There are many benefits to choosing an e-commerce Website over a shop premises.

Start-up Costs Are Lower

Setting up an e-commerce store is much more cost effective when compared to set up a brick and mortar shop. Rent, utility expenses, taxes and insurance are costs that you incur on a regular basis with a brick and mortar shop.

Moreover, storage and maintenance expenses can spiral beyond control. An ecommerce website design Warrington can quickly create an affordable website so you can get all the customers you want minus the overhead costs.

Reach A Wider Audience

The Internet universe has billions of users – Facebook alone has a billion users while Twitter and LinkedIn have an estimated half-million users each. Why confine yourself to the customers that you can reach via traditional marketing strategies when you can enjoy the benefits of digital marketing?

With your e-commerce website, you can reach more consumers beyond your local area and, thus, get more opportunities to establish a new consumer base and more chances to increase your sales. Indeed, expanding your consumer base is one of the best ways how an e-commerce web site can help you earn sales!

Note: The Internet has no boundaries so you can sell products half a world away for as long as you have worked out an effective and efficient delivery system. Your increased customer base will work to your benefit.

Make Changes Easily

As time goes by, you learn many things about the way you are doing your business and how it should be done. If you need to make any changes in the way you are running your business, an ecommerce website wins hands down.

The task of updating the prices of products, for example, is easier to handle online than in a regular shop. All you need to do is update the price in your website’s database. However, in a regular shop, you may have to change the price tags on individual products, the prices on the shelf and in the inventory system.

Analyse Results And Trends Easily

With a physical store, you would know if your supply meets the demand only when you take inventory. This may usually happen at the end of the month or quarter. However, your ecommerce website design Warrington, can show you how to track the sales and cash flow from your ecommerce website. You will be able to measure the results anytime and analyse trends easily to plan future sales. Contact Blue Whale Media now on 01925 552050!

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