Elements of a Great Homepage Design for Your Website – Web Design Warrington Team

When you want to generate more sales and leads from your website, start by focusing on your website’s homepage. The homepage is the entry door to your website, and brings in the maximum amount of traffic. When dealing with our web design Warrington team we believe a great website starts with the homepage.

Your website’s homepage has to do a lot of tasks all at the same time. It has to efficiently serve the needs of different visitors. To accomplish all this with gusto, you need to begin with a purpose. Hire an expert web design Warrington agency to help you through the way. Here’s a quick guide to designing a great homepage.


The homepage can be expected to do a lot of things. However, it helps to have some clarity about what you want the homepage to do. If you ask our web design Warrington team, we’d say, your website should at the very least:

  • Introduce your business to your website’s visitors
  • Provide a clear navigation so the visitor can find what they’re looking for

Stunning design and a clean layout are essential for capturing your visitors’ interest. Be sure to entrust the job to a professional web design Warrington team.


The moment a visitor is on your website, he should clearly understand who you are, what you do and the benefits of using your products/services. Highlight your offerings in a clean and clear manner. Use professional photographs and illustrations. However, avoid overkill.

Calls to Action

Visitors land on your website for a reason. They may be looking for some specific information. Perhaps, they’d like to know more about your service. Place some effective calls to action on your website to take the visitor to the next stage of the buying process. Speak to your web design Warrington agency for help with creating the perfect calls to action.

Clear the Clutter

Nothing puts off a visitor like a cluttered design. Remove all content that’s avoidable and unnecessary. A clean design leads to a reduction in visual noise and helps the user in finding the relevant information quickly.

Friendly Navigation

The navigation menu of a website is a very essential tool, and your web design Warrington team should aim to optimise it effectively. The thumb rule is to make it user friendly. Remember, it’s for your visitors to use. First, make the navigation menu responsive. Next, mark dropdown menus with some kind of visual cues. And finally, try to limit the number of top level menu items. Ready to take your business to the next level? Speak to us here at Blue Whale Media today. Call 01925 552 050 to get started.

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