Email Marketing Trends In 2019

We are in 2019, and there has shown improvement in email trends after hitting 40 years old last year. As technology continues to evolve, it’s also a chance for email marketing to focus on innovation efforts and also speed so that it can keep the demanding customer.

In 2019, it’s a year that we are expecting the consumer’s expectations on the quality content. Email programs will continue becoming personalized and interactive and therefore useful in brand loyalty and driving revenue.

So that one can achieve the marketing dream and lofty goals with Warrington web design, here are the 2019 email marketing trends we expect:

Quality over quantity

In marketing, deliverability is a great concern to them. When there is poor data management and also increase standards from the major ISPs such as Yahoo, AOL, and Gmail, emails might land into the SPAM folder, and therefore the creative work becomes useless.

So that marketers can make their emails are landing in the inbox every time, they have to make sure that they send relevant content to a higher quality value subscriber and avoid focus on the total quantity of the emails that are posted.


Email marketing content needs to be based on the behaviour of the customer, and by the end of the year, it should be more prevalent as a marketing strategy. There is no excuse for the marketers to lack personalizing their email content in regards to the data they are capturing from purchase histories, browsing, and email preferences.

The process can even be scientific as the marketers continue to push the vendors for them to get perfection. The marketers can continue testing for AI platforms and also continue to push the vendors so that they can handle AI needs.

Interactive content

Since 2018, interactive content continues to take place in2019. Those emails containing image carousels, quizzes or games have allowed the users in interacting with the brand even without leaving an email.

As the brands continue to allow the subscribers to continue engaging within emails in newer ways, it has become more engaged and ready for purchasing subscribers with the brand.

Interactive content, on the other hand, helps in boosting sales, entertaining and educating. For fun games, they have become a more excellent way of subscribers so that they can have a habit of opening emails.

Mobile average order value

In history, the mobile AOV lags because of the desktop counterpart after consumers lack to purchase large and expensive items.

In 2019, this gap is closing because there has been significant growth in the mobile average order value. As the time of the year continues, it will continue to become familiar as subscribers purchases the large orders on their mobile devices because their user experience is getting better.

So that the users can take advantage of the trend, the brands will require to gain subscribers’ as they offer more videos, images, detailed product content or customers testimonies so that they can push subscribers at the edge.

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