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Employing SEO into Large Retail E-Commerce Sites

While most people are more familiar with the SEO techniques that are employed on the blog sites, e-commerce stores use their own set of SEO techniques. This is because retail e-commerce stores have different SEO needs.

Warrington SEO is a web design company that specializes in digital marketing strategy for promoting any kind of websites. We provide consultation services for companies and clients who need help in increasing their web traffic through various SEO strategies.

SEO Strategies for Retailers

 Generally, SEO strategies for all websites are pretty much the same. However, e-commerce sites apply these SEO techniques differently. Here are a few e-commerce website strategies to take note of and how to implement them the proper way:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is always the first thing to do during an SEO campaign. For e-commerce websites, however, you have to be a bit more specific and thorough with your keyword research. Your keywords must have something to do with your brand and products.

For example, if you sell tea filters, your keywords must not be too general like “tea” or “filter” or too specific like your brand name. If you’re a startup, people can hardly find you. Use long tail keywords like “stainless steel tea filters.” Potential buyers are more likely to use such long tail keywords compared to short tail keywords

You must also search for keywords that may appear in possible questions or queries that your customers may ask. By going one step ahead, you’re already employing a powerful keyword technique. If you come up with a list of keywords that your customers may include in their questions, make sure that you use them in creating the content for your FAQs page. That, in itself, can get them to search for those keywords and increase your rankings at the same time.

Competitor Research

Competitor research is also extremely important especially if you own an online store. The keywords, in particular, have to be looked up. The key to using keywords is by getting the most unique and most relevant ones for your online store. In order to know what you’re up against, you can get some ideas from existing competitors and jazz those keywords up to form unique ones.

UX Development

What most people don’t know is that the UX of an online store also affects its SEO. For instance, a website that has a higher speed will ultimately have a  better search ranking. Also, if the online store has an easy-to-use check-out counter, its ranking may also improve. UX is even more relevant these days because of Google’s new updates aiming to give website visitors a better surfing experience.

How We Help Retail E-Commerce Stores 

Aside from just the products and the content, the digital marketing strategy is an integral part of driving in customers. Warrington SEO offers a whole range of services that cater to providing the best SEO techniques especially designed for e-commerce websites. That way, you can drive in a lot of traffic and create a lot of sales.

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