How to Ensure that both your SEO and Web Design Are Done Right

According to Website Design Company Warrington, doing the right SEO strategy in your business and its website is just one part of the puzzle in ranking through the search engines. To be able to rank well, you also need to have a website design that can relate to your SEO strategy as these two factors are linked to each other in achieving optimum search engine performance. To simplify, a website designed that is done without SEO in mind can greatly affect the search engine results and ranking.

Website Design Company Warrington also said that there are a lot of companies who are doing their website design without closely coordinating with its marketing team. This can be a problem as isolation of the web designers and the company’s SEO strategist will cause ranking issues in the future.

Below are 4 methods that can be done to make sure that your web design can help with your SEO strategy.

Increase your website’s usability

The formula is simple; a website will rank higher if it will provide great experience and satisfaction to its users. It is because a search engine has this objective to provide the best results that they can offer to all users who use on their website’s search engine platform.

Therefore, it is important to design a website that will bring great experiences to its users. With great user experience, the longer the user will stay on the particular site and more inbound links and social shares can be created. It is also important to make your website mobile-friendly as it will add to its user usability experience.

Make a strategy in making high-quality content

Website Design Company Warrington added that all contents that are found on your website will communicate and tell to the search engine what a page is all about. Today, SEO is all about making quality content that will provide information and good experience to a user. Therefore, it is important to create quality content as it will greatly affect the website’s search engine results.

In making quality content, it is also important to make a strategy or a plan before designing the website. All content should have a definite purpose and should provide the necessary information to the user. These contents should also be a factor in determining the website design that should provide the best experience to all the users.

Create contents that can be discovered easily by search engines

The objective in designing your website is to provide a great experience to the users. It should also go hand in hand in making a quality content that can easily be crawled and indexed by search engines. Once these two objectives aligned, there is a greater chance that your site will rank higher in search engine results page in no time.

Be careful in redesigning your website

It is important to be vigilant in redesigning your website. This is because there is a great chance that your SEO value will drop and organic traffic will decrease if it is done without the advice of SEO experts. Before redesigning, make an inventory for your websites like your ranking, title tags, keywords and many more. Then, decide on the new design that you want to implement. It is important to maintain all high- quality content as it is a big factor in ranking high in search engine results.


Website design company Warrington understands how web design impacts the SEO ranking in all search engines. It is important to ensure that both the website design and the SEO strategy should be done right to achieve good search engine result performance.

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