Trends and features of WordPress websites.

Essential WordPress Trends And Features

WordPress has rolled out some significant upgrades in the past two years to make a more intuitive website building experience. There are always new features, functionalities and themes that can take your website to the next level. Not to mention the countless new and updated versions of WordPress plugins that extend features of the platform.

At Blue Whale Media, we use WordPress daily when we build websites to understand how trends develop on the platform fully. Our website design team has put together WordPress tends that you can use to impress users and keep up with the competition. Here’s what you need to know:

ChatBot Integration

Chatbots are quickly becoming the ideal way for customers to keep in touch with businesses. Their convenience is what makes them popular for web users, the chatbot has already become a popular plugin for WordPress and there are now a number of them you can use. In the future, they can get even more advanced as they will be able to understand complex conversations better and solve complicated problems.

Motion UI

With so many sites on the web, your website has to grab users’ attention and make them want to stick around. With Motion UI, you can provide your website visitors with a more engaging experience by adding movement such as animation. It’s not just about being flashy; you can direct web visitors in directions, where to go and what to do.

Stronger User Focus

A stronger focus on user experience is visible for the future realms of SEO. it is clear that Google cares about delivering websites that provide the best experience for users and visitors. In recent years user standards are increasing when it comes to websites and what they provide. This will now mean collecting more data on users in order to get to know them better.

The Return of Minimalism

This trend has become popular because of smaller screens, including smartphones and smartwatches. Fewer elements on a website allow designers to break websites down to the bare minimum for functionality on smaller devices. Minimal web design means less text and more videos, brighter colours, large images with plenty of breathing room.

Slimmer Themes

With it being easier to build websites on WordPress, this now gives users more freedom to customise their website outside of what each theme provides. There may be less need for specialised themes; we also may see multipurpose themes building varying websites. WordPress powers 35.7% of all websites, so the upgrades mean that more themes can be used to build any website type. 

WordPress is constantly evolving; it’s important to keep up to date with trends when building a website. Mobile-first is bound to stick around because of our digital world; keeping trends relevant is a big part of website design on the WordPress platform. At Blue Whale Media, WordPress is our holy-grail and we have a team of expert website designers who can make a dream a reality in terms of website design. Why not get in touch with our team today to see how we can assist with WordPress website design.