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SEO Stockport

SEO Stockport.

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimisation, is a term that many uses regardless of whether they fully understand what it means.

As a trusted SEO agency in Stockport, we teach all potential clients first what SEO means and then how it could improve their online presence amongst overcrowded search engine results.

A well designed and maintained SEO Stockport campaign could transform your business in a relatively short amount of time. Our specialist team can localise campaigns to make sure your website is connected to the right people and not lost amongst the global search results.

SEO Services We Offer.

Blue Whale Media has a team of SEO specialists in Stockport dedicated to producing and managing all aspects of SEO marketing Stockport campaigns on behalf of our clients. Your ROI is guaranteed as your website reaches the top of the search result rankings through our teams’ specialist, unique approach to SEO. We are an SEO agency in Stockport with a multi-disciplinary approach to SEO to improve the search rankings of your website through a range of methods including SEO content creation, link building and on-page optimisation with web design Stockport.

Our expertise lies in both on and off-page optimisation. From designing SEO-friendly websites to the creation of keyword dense pieces of content – we cover all bases.

Every website we develop is fully mobile supported, we create both mobile and video SEO to produce effective results in a quick amount of time. Depending on the desired scope of your campaign, we can localise your campaign through specific SEO Stockport marketing techniques.

Whatever technique we implore, your organisation’s online presence is sure to boost through our Stockport SEO experts’ campaign methods.

Why Choose Us?

We can provide your business with the whole SEO package. From the initial keyword research up to link building and content generation, our team can carry out everything on your behalf.

Not only do we look at your business, but we will also conduct competitor analysis to help you compete on the search results within your industry.

  • No Spam Links – We build links only through trustworthy, genuine websites and never through spam links. You do not need to worry about underhand, spam based tactics contributing towards your page’s SEO.
  • White Hat Techniques – Sometimes referred to as ‘ethical SEO,’ our approach to SEO in Stockport is based on human audiences and interaction rather than robots and other computers. This protects your company image and your site’s relevance.
  • No Smoke & Mirrors – We keep you in the loop through the whole campaign process. What you see is what you get, we report back to you regularly with precise, unembellished results.
  • UK Writers – Our content writing experts are UK based and in office. We guarantee none of your campaign’s relevance will be lost in translation through hiring outsourced writers.
  • No Smoke & Mirrors – We do not embellish our results. With Blue Whale Media what you see is what you get. You will at all times be kept in the loop with the genuine progression of your SEO campaign.
  • In House Team – If you any thoughts, ideas, or questions regarding your SEO marketing Stockport campaign, you know exactly where we are and how to get in touch. We’re always available.
  • Monthly Reports – We get back to you with hard data regarding the effectiveness of your current campaign. These regular reports allow us to work alongside you to manage your campaign’s direction.

Platforms we partner with.

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SEO Packages.

Here are our 2 new SEO packages for you to choose from.


£175 +vat

1 URL – 2 Keywords – 1 Location

1 Guest posts (content approved by customer before going live)

2 Blogs (content approved by customer before going live)

5 Citations or GMB Setup/Optimisation – extra £5 for both.

Bonus: Link Indexing for £5 (we index the citations and guest posts)

Bonus: Grow your social media for £5 per platform (+50 followers/likes per platform)

The information we would require from you are: Business Name, Business Address and, Postcode, Business Phone Number, Business Email, Business Hours, Company Logo and GMB Access.


£350 +vat

2 URLs – 6 Keywords (3 each) – 1 Location

2 Guest posts (content approved by customer before going live)

3 Blogs (content approved by customer before going live)

10 Citations

GMB Optimisation

5 High DA Links

2nd Tier Links

Link Indexing (we index 2nd tier, high da, citations and guest posts)

Grow your social media (100 likes/followers on Facebook and Twitter, £5 costing. £5 for any extra platforms)

The information we would require from you are: Business Name, Business Address and, Postcode, Business Phone Number, Business Email, Business Hours, Company Logo and GMB Access.

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