The Essentials of a Business Website

Most of our customers are small business owners, and a majority of them have never owned a website before. So, they depend on us – their web design Warrington agency – to guide them about what to include in their website. What should their copy be about? What should be included in each page? What information should they provide on their website? Getting started on a new website could become a daunting job, especially if you are a new buisness and have a lot on your plate already. As your web design Warrington agency, we are by your side every step of the way. But it helps to know about the essentials of a business webiste. Here’s a look at some of the most essential things every business website must have.

Contact Information

This is one of the most essential things to include in a website. Yet, many websites forget to include contact information on their website. If your visitors want to make contact, but can’t find any information, you’ve just lost a potential customer. Also, don’t let your personal preferences limit the options you provide your visitors. You might not like filling out forms, but there could be people who do like it. So be sure to offer your visitors as many methods to contact you including office address, social media, email and phone.

Reason to Contact

Your website has contact information at all the critical spots including the header and the footer and on the contact page. However, have you given your visitors a reason to make contact? Perhaps your product is priced better than others. It’s made of the best quality materials. Or you offer the best service in the industry. Ensure your visitors know what it is that makes your business special and better than the competition. Without a reason to contact, you will not receive many enquiries. As your web design Warrington agency, we can help craft your message that helps improve your conversions.

About Page

Visitors want to know all they can about your business. They want to know about the real people behind the business. An ‘About’ page provides in-depth information about your business and about you – the person behind the business. If you don’t have one, your visitors may not compeletely trust your business.

Client Portfolio

Do not make the mistake of assuming that people will take your word for granted just because you have a website. Show them what you have done so they can really visualise how good you are. If you are a plumber, show them before and after pictures. If you are an electrician, show them photographs of some of your recent works. Real pictures help build trust in your website and your offerings.

Parting Thoughts

Be sure to show your visitors why you are good at what you do. Invest in a mobile friendly website. Give them a variety of ways to contact you and demonstrate your expertise by way of examples and case studies. These things will help you reap rich dividends form your website. Looking for a web design agency in Warrington? Contact Blue Whale Media for a stunning website for your business.

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