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Everything You Need to Know About WP Engine

While you might already know everything about WordPress, WP Engine is a much broader platform with a different set of services. Founded in 2010, WP Engine provides managed WordPress hosting for over 70,000 companies across over 140 different countries. Rather than offering other hosting services like dedicated servers or e-commerce plans, WP Engine devotes itself completely to being the ultimate WordPress platform.

WP Engine offers what is known as Managed WordPress Hosting, and look to provide WordPress sites and users with a completely hassle-free experience when it comes to hosting and managing their site. While non-WordPress users will have no interest in WP Engine’s services (unless they’re looking to migrate their site to WordPress), just about any WordPress user should take a look at Managed WordPress Hosting solutions and WP Engine

What are the Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting?

Unfortunately, the world’s most used content management system (WordPress) tends to hog a significant chunk of memory, often resulting in slow loading times and website downtime. This happens because the majority of hosting companies aren’t optimised to run WordPress, resulting in a general lack of possible features and reduced functionality for your site.

Managed WordPress Hosting brings a suite of core benefits that are integral to running a WordPress website. The main benefit is that the support of a managed WordPress hosting service is always significantly better than any other general hosting service. These support teams are dedicated to WordPress and know all of the common and uncommon issues users encounter with WordPress.

The other key benefits provided through managed WordPress Hosting are much faster website loading times, automatic backups and tighter security, so it’s basically a no-brainer when it comes to picking your WordPress hosting solution.

Why Choose WP Engine?

WP Engine isn’t just specifically designed and optimized for WordPress websites, it’s created by the same developers that run and maintain WordPress itself. While other managed WordPress hosting services still take care of server optimisation for hosting a WordPress site, WP Engine’s team has a deep and unrivalled technical knowledge of WordPress’s inner workings and how to optimize properly for WordPress websites.

Described as VIP WordPress hosting by some, WP Engine is truly the hassle-free hosting solution for your WordPress site. Their customer service is unrivalled considering many of the engineers helped build WordPress itself.

How WP Engine Keeps Your Site Secure

Security is the most pressing concern when it comes to having an organization or business with important information on your website. WP Engine remains as the most touted managed WordPress hosting service for its supreme security. Below are some of the steps WP Engine takes to keep your site and your information secure:

• Automatic WordPress updates
• Logs scanned 24/7 for suspicious behaviour and blocked accordingly
• Limited disk write capabilities to prevent unauthorized disk writes
• Server level protections for configuration files for WordPress and the server itself
• Free SSL certificates with forced Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) for all connections to your website
• Nightly backups of your site
• Filesystem roots are segregated
• Optional file system lockdown

What’s Next for WP Engine?

Having secured a £250 million investment at the start of this year from Silver Lake, WP Engine is in a comfortable financial position. So much so that in an interview, Heather Brunner WP Engine’s chief executive officer said that WP Engine “didn’t really need this investment to run the business,” and rather hinted at this investment being more of an acceleration of WP Engine’s expanding ambitions. While it’s not certain what these ambitions might be, WP Engine has been steadily expanding their global reach with the opening of offices in London in 2015, Limerick, Ireland in 2016, and in October 2017 a new office in Brisbane, Australia.

Talking about the future for WP Engine and technology in general, founder Jason Cohen commented on video and VR as ever-growing mediums, with a keen eye towards the growth of analytics and machine learning. However, he stressed that it’s the integration of these various mediums and systems that will be key to the future of the web. It’s clear that founder Cohen has some big ideas for the integration of new technologies with WordPress and WP Engine services and we can’t wait to see what they are.

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