What We've Been Up To This Month: Taking our eCommerce websites to the next level

What We’ve Been Up To This Month: Taking our eCommerce websites to the next level

At Blue Whale Media, we are always looking for ways to improve our ecommerce and woo-commerce website builds. This month we have been focusing on taking woo-commerce to the next level by customising checkouts, baskets, account pages and extra content on product pages.

In a world where online services often dominate, we must be able to develop ecommerce and woo-commerce offering that rival those in the physical world.

Taking WooCommerce to the next level

Online marketing is the popular term to promote products and services online to increase sales and communicate with customers. In terms of online stores, woo-commerce for WordPress websites and ecommerce are popular options among audiences due to easy installation and overall performance. At Blue Whale Media, our website design team is always looking for ways to take woo-commerce to the next level, especially in an ever-changing digital world of bespoke websites.

Customising checkouts/baskets

Woo-commerce can be very flexible and customisable, but sometimes it takes more ‘out of the box’ thinking to customise certain aspects. You may need an extra plug-in for certain customisable elements of an ecommerce and woo-commerce website, but there are so many benefits when it comes to the checkout or basket page. It will set your website apart from competitors and other online shops. At Blue Whale Media, we can help to customise your website checkout to help your customers buy more efficiently. Over the past month, we have been making way into the world of woo-commerce to help our clients get the most out of customisable baskets and checkouts.

Customising account pages

When customers purchase products from your store, they expect to manage orders and settings through an account page. Creating customised account pages on woo-commerce adds more features to benefit your business and your customers. While a basic account page is a good start, modifications and customisation on the account page may mean that your customers feel more trusted. At Blue Whale Media, we can help customise account pages to set your website apart from others and enhance the trust your customers should feel.

More content on the product pages

Interesting and fun product pages make it easier and more engaging for visitors to find what they are looking for. Product pages are the last thing shoppers will see before making a purchase, meaning it can make or break a purchase if they read something boring and uninteresting. At Blue Whale Media, our design team creates content for product pages engaging and effective in boosting both your traffic and conversions.

Personalisation encourages business growth

Creating a customised and personalised service on your website makes customers feel valued and can increase brand loyalty in the long run. We all know that a unique website with elements unlike no other, is exciting and engages every single one of us.

A well-built website with ecommerce or woo-commerce can transform your business online. At Blue Whale Media, our design team can take your ecommerce website to the next level by providing customisations that attract customers and keep them coming back.