Features That Are Bad For Your Website – A Guide From A Warrington Website Design Agency

Alright, so you are all set to create a website for your small business. You’ve been off the grid for quite a while, and not sure what works and what doesn’t. So you choose to rely on your Warrington website design agency and go with their proposal. However, it doesn’t hurt to have some idea about features that work and ones that may work against you. Here’s a look at some features that are past their time now.


We know, we know. You’re wondering “why are sliders bad for a website?” Sliders are features that Warrington website design agencies use at the request of clients. However, the website is not for you, it’s for your visitors. You want to show to your prospective customers how you can solve their problem. So you want to showcase all your products via a slider. However, this is distracting, to say the least.

The moment visitors lands up on the homepage, they’re searching for the information they’re after. They won’t idly sit back to watch your slides unfold. Moreover, lots of large images will only slow the load speed, especially on smaller screens. So if your Warrington website design agency suggests that sliders are best avoided, trust them.

Pop Ups

Pop ups are usually implemented to get the user to take an action. They have their role, but the timing has to be right. As long as a pop up does not hinder with the user experience, it will work for you. Imagine, you’ve just landed on a page, and are looking forward to reading the article. Before you can even scroll down, out pops a message asking you to fill in a form before you can access the page. Frustrating?

A better way would be to have a message pop up at appropriate time, with the option for the user to opt out of the box with ease. Speak to your Warrington website design team to know more about making a pop up work for you, not against you.

Videos On Auto Play

People don’t like surprises, especially when they are looking for something specific. A sudden burst of video and sound may take them by shock. To back out from the noise, they may simply exit your website. Instead, let your visitors decide if they want to watch a video. Turn off auto play, and simply display the play symbol, so interested visitors can click on the play button to watch your video. Ready to kick start your website design project? Looking for an expert Warrington website design agency?

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