The First Step In Planning Your Website

So you are all set to create a website for your small business. However the Warrington website design team must remind you, there are several things to do, and get done. You’re excited about how the website will look and feel, what cool features it would boast of, and how it will amaze your visitors. However, it all boils down to good planning. The actual design process comes much later. The very first thing to start with is planning your website. It helps to have a plan in place before you discuss your project with a Warrington website design agency. Here’s why.

Planning Helps Avoid The Blind Spots

Your Warrington website design agency will have a better handle over your project when they’re completely briefed. Without your specifications and content to work from, your designer will be starting blind. When it comes to website function comes before form. Being focused on the form without giving a thought to the function will result in nothing more than a nice looking website. Give your Warrington website design team a creative brief detailing the homepage, the calls to action, and an overall structure to work from. Give them complete content for your website. With a focused direction, their efforts will be much more productive. Provide a complete plan, a sitemap, the purpose of the website and its definition, and the results will be truly amazing.

Content First – A Top Tip From The Warrington Website Design Team

Plan your website from the word go! Here are some things to include in your plan before you talk to a Warrington website design team:

  • Definition – What is the purpose of your website, what it will do, and how it will go about doing it
  • Scope – Outline the deliverables, timescales expected and features required
  • Research – Who are your competitors, what are they doing in the online space and what are the results they’ve achieved
  • Planning – Who, what, when and where
  • Sitemap

Plan Your Copy

Once you know your market in depth, you will get to know what keywords will help you reach your goals.

  • Write the copy for all the pages of your website
  • Prepare a list of keywords to rank for
  • Optimise your copy with the target keywords
  • Write SEO optimised titles for your page
  • Write SEO optimised meta descriptions for every page

Prepare all of this much before the Warrington website design agency begins the design process. When you start with a concrete plan, you will end up with a website that’s better in all respects. The best part is that Blue Whale Media can help you with planning your website. Whether you want to redesign your website or are looking for a fresh build, we can deliver a stunning website that meets your requirements. Contact us today for more information. Call 01925 552 050 to schedule a free consultation.

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