Five essential reasons why you need an SSL Certificate

Do you have an ecommerce idea that could turn you into a multimillionaire? Or maybe you’re hoping to grow your existing ecommerce business into something bigger. Either way, buying products online is second nature to most of us. So now has never been a better time to run your own online shop.

Here at Blue Whale Media, the web design Warrington based agency, we can help you create an ecommerce website from scratch. Or we can improve your current one. So in this blog we’ll explain why ecommerce businesses should have SSL Certificates.

But what are these certificates and why do you need one? Here are five reasons…

1 Security

Customers are sharing sensitive information, such as credit card or contact details, on your website, so you need to ensure that their data is kept safely. That’s what an SSL Certificate will do for you. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and the certificate establishes a secure connection between your customer’s browser and your website’s servers. In essence, it keeps you and your customer safe from things like fraud or identity theft.

2 Sophisticated encryption

An SSL Certificate offers you a sophisticated encryption key, which is installed on the hosting server. It’s important that the SSL Certificate is installed correctly, however, and here at the Warrington web design agency Blue Whale Media we’re skilled at providing this service – so there’s no need for you to worry. And of course, once your SSL is installed, any hackers intent on stealing from your customers won’t be able to make sense of the encrypted data.

3 The padlock

Research shows that 84 percent of online shoppers leave a website if they think it’s insecure. But an SSL Certificate makes it clear to your customers that your website is protected by showing the padlock icon or a green browser bar. Google also sees the Certificate in a favourable way, so having one increases your chances of moving up the search engine.

4 The right kind of protection

There are different certificates available, depending on your requirements. And you might need more than one certificate. Again, this is where Blue Whale Media, the Warrington web design agency, can help you. We can provide advice on the range of certificates and recommend the best one for you, as well as install it. 

5 Peace of mind

An SSL Certificate gives you – and your customer – peace of mind. Can you imagine how bad you would feel if someone had their details stolen as a result of you not installing the certificate? It’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

For all your SSL Certificate enquires, or any other ecommerce issues, ask Blue Whale Media, the website design Warrington based agency.

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