Five Tips For Driving Sales On Your eCommerce Website

You’ve worked hard on getting your online store live, and it’s finally launched. You’ve worked with your web design company Warrington to ensure you have a website that offers the best user experience, and optimised for conversions.

You are now busy implementing strategies to drive sales on your ecommerce store. If you find yourself asking, “Am I doing it right? Is this enough?” read on. Here, our website design team shares five great ways to drive sales on your ecommerce website.


Don’t just focus on generating new leads. Aim to upsell by offering your customers an upgrade. Have a premium version of the product the customer is looking to buy? Simply highlight the difference, and ask if the customer would be interested in the upgrade.

Econsultancy reports that upselling is twenty times better than cross-selling. Just make sure you are selling a product that’s related to the original and that it fits the price range of the customer.

Talk to your web design company Warrington to integrate features that help you upsell effectively.

Instagram It

Instagram offers high brand engagement and higher order value than most other social channels. Build a good following on Instagram, and you’re all set to boost your ecommerce sales. Post user generated photos. This is a great way of generating social proof. Run contests and share photos of customers making use of your products.

Talk to your web design company Warrington to integrate Instagram on your website.

Abandoned Carts – Final Word From The Web Design Company Warrington Team

This is one of the biggest challenges most ecommerce businesses face. As much as two-thirds of your visitors abandon their carts. This means that you are only converting one-third of the potential customers.

Work on convincing customers who’ve abandoned their carts to come back. Perhaps you could offer them a discount or free shipping. Maybe, they are having second thoughts so they just want some time, or perhaps they didn’t intend to abandon at all as their computer crashed during the checkout process. A great way to address abandoned carts is to send customers an email convincing them to complete the purchase.

Speak to your web design company in Warrington for help with creating strategies and building features to tackle abandon carts successfully. At Blue Whale Media, we have extensive experience in ecommerce website design. Talk to our web design company in Warrington today to know how we can help. Contact us on 01925 552050 now to get started.

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