How to Get More Customers to Visit My WordPress Website?

As a business owner, you are always on the lookout for ways to drive more traffic to your website. Our Website Design Cheshire team believe the more the traffic to your site, the closer you get to reaching your business goals.

But, how do you get more customers to visit your website? That’s easier said than done. But not impossible! Our website design Cheshire team shares some ideas to help generate more traffic to your WordPress website.

Optimise Your Meta Data

Most people fuss about ranking in Google. However, they don’t realise that how your page is displayed in the SERPs (search engine results pages) makes a huge difference.

There are two critical parts of your page that you must optimise:

  • Page Title – Optimise this for your target keyword and ensure it’s appropriate to your target audience
  • Description – Make sure the description gives searchers a clear idea so they know what to expect when they visit

Making changes to the page title and description of each page and post on your WordPress website is easy. Simply install the Yoast SEO plugin and you’re set. As your website design Cheshire agency, we set up the essential plugins as part of your build.

Consider Interlinking

Sounds like a lot of work or something difficult? Don’t go by the overwhelming sound of the phrase “interlinking”. It simply means linking your pages and posts by including links to related pages and posts on your website. A lot of your visitors perhaps may not rely on the navigation bar to move through your website initially. So, interlinking is a great way to compel them to explore your website further. Plugins like the Better Internal Link Search plugin comes to the rescue.

Schedule Your Posts to Your Social Feed

Schedule updates for your social media pages with the WP to Buffer plugin. This plugin will add your WordPress posts automatically to the Buffer queue. This means that you can completely automate your social sharing when it comes to your blog posts.

Remove Broken Links

This is a crucial step to take and one you should take immediately. Broken links are BAD for your SEO score. Fix this and you can expect a better SEO score, and consequently more traffic. Broken Link Checker is a wonderful WordPress plugin that can help you find broken links on your website. Find all broken links using this plugin and fix them immediately.

Make Your Website Responsive – Contact Website Design Cheshire

If your WordPress website was designed a few years ago, consider upgrading to a responsive theme. Hire an expert website design Cheshire agency to redesign your WordPress website. So why should you upgrade to a responsive design? If your website is not mobile friendly, it will not show up in mobile search results. Having a responsive website means that you are not alienating your mobile searchers. Expect a spike in traffic once you’ve upgraded to a responsive website. At Blue Whale Media, we can build an 8-page website for £495 + VAT. Get in touch with us today to discuss your website redesign.

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