Why Google Chrome Is The Most Used Browser

Google Chrome was launched in 2008 at a time when Internet Explorer was the most popular browser in the market. Web Design Warrington disclosed that initially the browser was designed to be compatible with the Microsoft Operation System (OS) however further development was undertaken to make it compatible with the other OS such as Linux, Android, etc. The browser has since its inception grown with time to become one of the most popular browsers with a market share of over 40%. The various reasons which have seen the browser become dominant in the markets include;


At the moment a significant number of browsers which are being used are relatively quick in opening pages. The difference comes in when heavy pages which have a lot of graphics or videos are being opened. Chrome completely outshines the other browser in opening such pages, and Web Design Warrington is confident many users would consider this an advantage boosting its rating and consequently client base.

Security Features

Google as a whole is more or less a purely web-based business and as a result, has some of the best developers and coder for the maintenance and control of the internet and associated services. These professionals ensure that the browsers updates address security loopholes to prevent any malicious activities which may affect the normal functioning of the browser.

Ease of Use

The browser has a design which makes it easy for users to search and get results with any complexities on the website. This simplicity is a plus especially considering the other browsers have a lot of ads running on the browser without thought of the user experience but instead the monetary benefits of having such ads. The chrome interface, therefore, becomes ideal for people of all ages and may be a reason why it has moved to be the most used browser.

Extensions and Plugins

Extensions are software’s which give the browsers additional functionality enabling it to perform specific tasks better. According to Web Design Warrington, Google Chrome was the first browser to support extensions when the other browsers simply offered the functions of internet access only. This feature was an advantage which helped smooth out the browsing experience and now has a lot of extensions and add-ons which are responsible for various functions and can be activated or deactivated depending with the preference of the user.

Easy to Install

For most of the other browsers, the user is required to restart the browser or in some cases the entire system during the installation of extensions of other services. For google chrome, the web user does not have to restart the service but install and even immediately begin to use the service if need be. The browser can furthermore be easily synchronized for use across two or more devices as long as you have logged in on your account. You will have access on the same bookmarks, browser history and the other customizations which you have made on the browser in any of your devices.

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