Google Patent on Related Entities and SEO: How Are They Connected?

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Google Patent “Related Entities”

Before knowing about how SEO is connected to the Google patent on related links, you must know first what the latter really is.

Related entities include any system, method, or apparatus that involves encoded computer programs on a computer storage media and are connected to an entity to which a search engine is directed. There are a number of patents that are used by Google and can be applied to SEO.

Google’s patent on “Related Entities” are being applied to give you an insight how the search engine determines entities and the related entities commonly search by people.

Link Building

Having links directed to other plausible websites produce a better search ranking for your website. This is one of the functions of SEO. And because of the Google patent on related entities, there is a higher chance to help improve a web page online visibility.

For example, if you type “president of the united states” on the search engine, a list of presidents including the present and the former ones are presented in chronological order. There are different people presented with the common denominator being the President of the United States. This is not the same search result when you search them one by one.

Determination of Relatedness

There are a few factors how Google identifies the “relatedness” of the entities, but the common method that pops up constantly is the co-occurrence of the entities in the same search engine’s result. One entity will be considered related to another entity by Google if they are related to a common denominator. As stated in the example given above, the result will be a list of all the presidents of United States, and they are all associated with the phrase “president of the United States”.

SEO on Related Entities

It is true that SEO aims to bring a website to the first page of the search engine’s result. However, with the help of the recently applied Google patent on related entities, the chance of being in the first page is relatively high. As long as the topic of the website is considered related to any other entities by Google, then you don’t have to worry about the visibility of your website.

SEO Cheshire can help

With the recently granted Google patent on related entities, SEO Cheshire still aims to place your website at the highest rank of the search engine’s results page. If you need help optimising your page, just call the Blue Whale Media team on 01625800282 for a chat.

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