What is SEO and why is it so important?

You’ve probably heard the acronym SEO many times already. And you can probably impress your colleagues by saying, “It stands for Search Engine Optimisation, don’t you know?” But what does that really mean? And what are the tricks employed by SEO experts to get your website noticed?

This blog from Warrington website design agency Blue Whale Media will answer those questions and give you a few pointers on how to improve your own website.

Landing on the first page

It’s fair to say that most businesses would like their website listed on the first page of a Google search. Well, that’s what good SEO can do for you. Essentially, the way this is achieved is by weaving in keywords into your website, such as on your blogs. But what is a “keyword”? It’s the word that a searcher will tap into Google.

Did we happen to mention, for instance, that this blog is written by a Warrington web design agency? Or maybe we should rephrase that and say the web design Warrington based agency, Blue Whale Media. What we’re doing there is emphasising the keywords “web design Warrington” because we know from our research that people will type that into Google in order to find us.

How to find the right keywords

But how do you find the right keywords for your business? You may think that’s obvious, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds. From a common sense point of view, you can think in terms of your specialism and your geography. If you are a law firm based in Liverpool, for instance, you may want to incorporate the phrase “law firm Liverpool” into several blogs.

Short and long tail keywords

The above example is known as a short tail keyword, because it only uses three words: law firm Liverpool. But you can also drive traffic to your website by using long tail keywords, which as the name implies, uses more words, and would maybe look like this: “law firm Liverpool specialising in probate”. Long tail keywords can be good because you can learn more about a searcher’s intent and they’re more specific to meeting the needs of a searcher. Also, they’re less common in the Google searches, so you’re website will appear higher up in the rankings.  

Plugins to help

There are various plugins you can use to make sure you’ve got the best SEO practices on a WordPress website. One of the main ones is Yoast. This requires a certain amount of training, which you can sign up for yourself, or you could ask Blue Whale Media, the Warrington website design experts, to help you. It’s worth it because Yoast can do all sorts of marvellous things for your metadata, which is basically the data behind the scenes that the public don’t see, but Google does. 

So, get in touch today. You can reach us through email at: [email protected] or call on: 01925 552 050.

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