Is Google’s SEO Performance Indicator Reliable?

It’s said that if you can measure it, you can improve it. In SEO (search engine optimization) measurement is critical.

Professional SEO firms like Web Design Warrington track data about rankings, links, referrals and more to help you analyze your SEO strategy creating a roadmap for success.

Each business is unique, and every site has its own metrics that matter. Here, we’re covering the metrics that are unique to SEO.

Search Engine Share of Referring Visits

As an entrepreneur, you need to track the traffic to your site. It’s also better to track the source of this traffic. Such may include:

  • Direct Navigation: typed in bookmarks, traffic, and email link without any tracking codes.
  • Referral Traffic: from trackable emails, links across the web and branding campaign links.

In knowing the exact numbers and percentages will help you identify the weaknesses. Use them for comparison over time.

For instance, you may notice an increase in traffic to your site. But if the rise maybe from referral links with low significance, don’t get excited yet.

Also if the search engine traffic lowers, you’ll also be in a big trouble. Engage the best Web Design Warrington experts to draft your next step.

The Search Engine Referrals

They are three major search engines; Google, Yahoo and Bing. At least 80% of all search engine traffic comes from Google.

Measuring contribution from a search engine can help your Web Design Warrington in different ways.

    • Uncover the strategic value
    • Compare market share against performance

Say your search engine traffic drops significantly. What would you do? Knowing the exact contributions of each engine helps diagnose the issue.

For instance, if traffic falls on all search engines, then it’s mainly because of accessibility. But if only Google and not the rest drops, then it’s possible it’s due to penalty or devaluation of content by that search engine.

Referred by specific Phrases and Search Engine Terms

The Web Design Warrington analytics should help you know the keyword that drives traffic to your site. You may want to keep a track on these words or phrases.

In this way, you’ll identify any change in keyword demand. It may also help find terms and phrases that are bringing huge traffic and which you’re under-optimized.

Conversion Rate by Search Phrase

When it comes to the management of your firm, conversion is one of few metrics that Web Design Warrington shouldn’t forget.

For instance, you may be offering SEO help to your clients. After analysis, you find out that 6% of all clients who searched “SEO Tools” signed up to your site. With such a high conversion rate, you may use the data to do the following.

Check your rankings online. Say for instance you rank number 5 for “SEO Tools.” As such, you can employ measures to improve the rating. The end result would be more conversion to your site.

The Web Design Warrington analytics will also tell you the pages that visitors landed. Use the information you get to improve their experience on that page.

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