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Guernsey Prison Tests Anti Drone Tech- Skyfence

Web design Warrington agency Blue Whale Media’s client Eclipse drone detection and mitigation are currently taking the fight to those misusing technology.

In the fight against illegal contraband smuggling in prisons, drone detection and drone mitigation is hot topic. The rise of smuggling into UK prisons is said to have increased as a direct effect of the rise in drone popularity.


Drones are an unmanned and remote operated air vehicle that has origins in military technology. Since becoming available to everyone at affordable rates, those with criminal intentions have found ways to misuse the technology for their own gain.

Criminals have been using drones to deliver illegal contraband such as drugs and mobile phones into prisons by flying over the perimeter of institutes and dropping illegal items to prisoners.

What is Skyfence?

Skyfence is the number one defence against drone technology misuse. In terms of drone mitigation, Skyfence literally stops drones in their tracks, as once they enter the force field emitted by the technology, they are completely stopped.

Once stopped, the drone is raised up to a height of thirty metres above ground and forced to return to the machine’s operator. This might make criminals think twice before trying to smuggle contraband again.

This web design Warrington agency was lucky enough to be privy to sensitive video footage showing the Skyfence in use and we have to say it is impressive.

Guernsey Prison Testing Skyfence 

Guernsey Prison located upon the island of Guernsey is the first prison within the British Isles to use Skyfence technology. The correctional team recognised the potential Skyfence presented in the fight against prison smuggling and have took the first steps towards implementation.

They wanted to be proactive in their battle rather than reactive and so have begun testing the technology at their prison.

The testing at the facility has been so successful that the staff there believe they will not have to invest in a secondary physical fence. If this is the case, the prison stands to save over £1.3 million.

Skyfence Set to Lead the Way in Drone Mitigation 

Guernsey Prison is Skyfence’s first major test as a defence system. If Skyfence is successful at Guernsey, the rest of the British Isles is sure to follow in similar footsteps after all, what kind of organisation could afford to turn down savings of £1.3million? We know this Web design Warrington agency couldn’t!

Who Will Be Bringing Skyfence to the Masses?

Eclipse Drone detection and mitigation are leading the way in using Skyfence to protect the public from criminal drone activity. They protect those vulnerable to exploitation through drone technology whether it might be the smuggling of illegal items into prisons, the stealing of corporate secrets or intellectual property or remote hacking of computer networks, they can protect you.

The implementation of their state of the art anti drone technologies can eliminate all threats posed by these unmanned air vehicles. If you are not sure whether your business or industry is at risk, get in touch with Eclipse Drone Detection and Mitigation and we can give you help and advice specific to your situation.

Work with Us for a Safer Future  

For this Web Design Warrington agency there is only one name in drone detection and mitigation – Eclipse.

Drones are a young technology and Drone detection and mitigation are disciplines best left to those truly in the know. Eclipse are the number one name in both of these fields, get in touch with them today to begin your fight against drone criminality.

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