Handling Sceptical Questions of Your Website Visitors

Although ecommerce and other online transactions are on the rise, Our web design Manchester team believe many people are still sceptical about doing business online. Although many online consumers trust online reviews, there are many others who don’t. People rely on online search to research about a product or service they’re looking for. 

When they come across a website that provides a solution/product they seek, they don’t immediately make a purchase. They are sceptical and have a lot of questions in their mind. Our web design Manchester team looks at some of the common questions that linger in the minds of a visitor considering your website for their purchase.

What’s in there for me?

Your prospective customers want to feel that you are talking to them, that your solutions are specifically catered to their needs. Make sure your copy is about your prospect and not just about you. Instead of talking about your business, show the visitor that you have a solution to their problem.

What proof do you have that this solution works?

How do you prove that your solution works? This is where testimonials, reviews and caste studies come handy. Be sure to maintain a good rapport with your customers after their purchase to encourage them to leave a review. When you are displaying reviews, avoid the temptation to display only your 5 star reviews.Content Creation WordPress was originally built as a blogging platform. Content creation is one of its several strengths. And we all know how important content is for SEO. WordPress has been built for fast, effortless and continual content publishing. You can scale your WordPress blog quickly and efficiently.

Are you trustworthy?

Provide some background about your business, and your relevance in your industry. Your prospect should know that you are an expert in the field.

How will I benefit from your product/service?

Be sure to show to your prospects how your product/service will benefit them. You could show them how your product can save them money or how it can solve a crucial problem.

Are you a credible business? Final Word From The Web design Manchester Team

The design of your website will play a crucial role in the kind of answer they perceive. If the website is shoddily designed, it will work against your credibility. Be sure to hire an experienced Manchester website design agency for a professional and stunning website that builds credibility and trust. Blue Whale Media can design a website for you that will provide positive answers to these questions. Contact us today for a consultation.

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